From the Desk of John Rourke – April 1st, 2015

Recently had a loyal reader send in a news story about the ISIS city “hit list” that has reportedly come out. I struggle with the validity of this list. It makes no sense to me as many of the cities listed have nothing in them which would generate an interest to target them(except the public). Maybe that is the whole idea? Regardless – just because it appears to be some kind of hoax doesn’t mean that it is.

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Picture from shooting range with PMR30 this past weekend:


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Off the rest of the week. “Honey Do” list is a long one. Heading to the range this morning to finish up some gun testing then a few hours working in the garden.

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If any of you work for a city utility department such as water, sanitation, parks & recreation, etc – and drive a city vehicle I am interested in asking you a couple questions. Would appreciate it if you would contact me – emergencycd(at) It is absolutely preparedness related.

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Nothing too controversial today. 😉

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I like this sign for placement on the front door or along a fence line.


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  1. Rourke-Good man doing the honey do list !!Everyone please call the White House and ask for Pastor Saheed to be released from Iranian prison.202-456-1111 (no $ to Egypt and of course make Hillary turn over the e mails)
    Enjoy your gardens ,we still have snow covering the ground and FRi -Sat more snow.Some early
    bulbs are popping up slowing. Arl Hoping its not a herniated disc.ene

    Question – has anyone tried acupuncture ? I have a new pain (PIA) sciatica and its really
    challenging me despite the visit to the chiropractor and massage therapist. Arlene

  2. The ISIS hit list may be bogus or real.Hitting a major water park would kill many and sadly it would be mostly children. Or maybe the military families live in some of these towns?
    We have had an unusual number of military aircraft lately.Arlene

  3. Putting up signs that indicate in any way that there is a firearm in the house is simply a written invitation to the thieves who will watch until everybody is gone, and then rip you off. They look “all big and bad” but are really rather foolish advertisements to would-be burglars, or home invaders. Same thing for gun club and NRA stickers on your vehicles – they look cool, but what you are doing is saying: “Come and break into this car or truck; there might be a gun in here”.

    A barking dog is the best thing, along with an independent alarm system. A fine man who was a Captain on the Polk County Sheriff’s Department here in Iowa had two Doberman’s. and was a good friend for many years. One was an 80 pound male who sounded off like two ocean liners about to collide at almost any anything he heard; The other was a 75 pound female who was trained to go and hide if anyone broke in. As Gomer Pyle said: “Surprise, surprise”. She was attack trained at Llewellyn (sp?) Kennels in Pennsylvania. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything much worse than a snarling, snapping Black and Tan Dobe repeatedly biting me. Just isn’t my cup of tea.

    If you have those goofy signs on your property, you need to think about how a prosecutor would use those to portray you as a blood-crazed wannabe killer. Not good in court at all. The Russians have a very astute saying: “The nail that sticks up is the one that gets pounded down first.” A simple “No trespassing” sign is all you need. How they react to that is their choice, and that choice opens a universe of responses to you. AFTER ALL, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR VEHICLE OR HOME? I simply cannot understand that mind set. You might be the toughest guy in town, but that won’t do you much good when you are on vacation in Hawai’i, will it?

    Many years ago, I committed a felony. 20 years later I got a full and complete pardon. Most, if not all, of my friends were every sort of law-breakers you can think of except sex criminals, who are lower than whale shit, and that’s on the bottom of the sea. You name, they did it. Many times I said “I don’t want to here about this” and walked away or into another room. where I couldn’t hear them. If worse came to worst. I could honestly say I didn’t know anything about it, and then I wouldn’t have to perjure myself.
    Perjuring yourself is quite stupid, as you have to remember what you told to who, and when, and un what order, and sooner or later the heat will break you down and now you’re looking at hard time yourself. I knew a number of ex-con’s, and they all thought what I did made sense. You can’t tell anybody anything you don’t know about, can you? So you can take what I’ve said above for what ever you think it’s worth. Occam’s Razor states: “The simplest solution is usually the best solution.” I think you’ll have a hard time poking holes in what I’ve said, but do try. I’d like to see the results.

  4. I have a dozen, ‘if you can read this you’re in range,’ signs but will only erect in a shumer situation.

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