From the Desk of John Rourke – April 17th, 2015

SCORE!!!!!Picked up a couple boxes of .22 Magnum Critical Defense ammo. $14.99 a box is not bad in today’s market.

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I grew up having some of the first movies I ever saw being JAWS, Rocky – and Star Wars. As a kid of the 70’s and early 80’s I was a Star Wars nut collecting every figure and vehicle I could find. I just watched the new Star Wars trailer and had chills. Brought me back to the days of dreaming I was a Jedi.

Guess I had to settle for being a Ninja. 😉


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Survival on a small island? Interesting concept. When I say small I mean a couple acres. Surrounded by food certainly would have its benefits via fishing. Security may be a problem depending on the number of group members. The possibility of flooding exists but the likelihood could be researched. Just a thought.

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Been looking at the Ruger LCR revolver for my wife. Specifically looking at the .22 Magnum. ANyone have any experience with the LCR?

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I am now on Volume Three of the series 299 Days. Simply awesome and I cannot recommend it enough. It has given me so much to think about.

“I Miss America.”

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Rain this week has made for miserable weather however the seeds I have planted in the last week and a half love it. They have exploded through the dirt and are reaching for the sun. More to be put in the ground this weekend.

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Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe.


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  1. I like ‘The Patriot’ logo, never seen it before, is it your design? (it’s kind of ‘Gray Man’ w/out any words or title) will there be window or bumper stickers?

  2. My wife and I saw the second showing of Jaws in San Antonio when it came out. There was a huge crowd to get by tickets, lucky for us, we bought ahead of time (no ticketmaster then) and we just filed in in a line with others that did also. The thing is, there was a crowd coming out from the first showing and they were all white as sheets and clinging to each other talking in hushed tones. Really spooky. We had a seat in the balcony with a great view if the massive screen AND the folks below. When that head appeared in the hole of that sunken boat, the entire crowd screamed and came, at least a foot out of their chairs. Then when Roy was chumming off the back of Clint’s boat and the shark came up behind him, I thought there was going to be a riot! Still one of the best movies I have ever seen.


  3. Survival on a small island? A friend was a radio technician in the Navy and was assigned to a small Pacific Ocean island of about two or three acres that sported a repeater and antenna. He loved it until going through a hurricane. I could see him reliving the terror of watching the water as it rose higher and higher on the concrete building. He ended up roped to what was left of a mast on the roof. Having bounced around the Pacific Rim islands myself I would want no part of one as a retreat. Anyone out there ever had island fever? Similar to cabin fever when a body has seen everything there is to see and lacks visual stimulation.

    Not for me Rourke, not for me.


  4. I own a .357 LCR and it is an excellent gun. Because of the polymer frame, the recoil is reduced, much less recoil than competitor’s models. Accuracy is very good also.
    I don’t believe that the .22 Mag is a good self defense round in a pistol, especially a short barreled one, the velocity drop off is severe and it is a small bullet to begin with. Rimfires are inherently less reliable than centerfire rounds because of the nature on their priming, the difference in modern ammunition is small, but significant. I would look to something in a .32 caliber, maybe something chambered in .327 Mag and then shoot 32 longs or .32 H&R magnums in it for lowered recoil.

    • Thanks nelson123. Appreciate the info. I would have thought with the lighter weight recoil would be much worse. I agree with the 22 Magnum not being the best for defense however the Hornady Critical Defense 45 grain hollow point round is an excellent round. I think – if she goes with a revolver – the 22 mag would be a good starting point and then go up from there. Need to get her to shoot a 38 Special first though to see what she thinks as that would be much better.

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