From the Desk of John Rourke – April 16th, 2015

I continue to be impressed with the Kelly Kettle Trekker. Not the smallest emergency cook stove but it works great. Love the fact that you can cook and boil water at the same time. My youngest son cooked a hot dog on it and he said it was really fun. Somehow that hot dog tasted better cooking it outside in the Kelly Kettle.

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More instances of Russian aggression in the news. The UK scrambled fighters to intercept Russian jets as they approached UK airspace. The Russian fighters moved on. Similar situations have been happening with Japan as well.

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A Hillary Clinton backed organization actually promoted that she represents a strong family. Not much surprises me anymore. The sheeple will believe anything. 2008 and 2012 showed me that.

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Been getting up and hitting the gym at 5:30am every morning. I hate it. I love it. Once I am done it feels good to know that it’s done. A few times per week I am going to Crossfit as well at noon time.  If interested in the workout I am doing here it is.

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How many people hate spiders?

Enjoy this video…..





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  1. You basterd! :/ lol i started working out 2 months ago! I do 3 sets of 15 at 45 free weights, (each) and 3 sets of tricepts, then every other day i do 35 press then 3 sets of bicep curls , 6 days a week so i get three and three, every morning before work, but looking at your workout i see ive got a LONG way to go! Thanks rourke!

  2. Clinton? I have a burro (donkey) in the pasture that brays every time it sees me (I sneak it tasty food from time to time so it looks for me). When guests comment on the pathetic sound it makes, I remark that it is my token democrat calling for a handout. The wife treats her horses so they seldom call out to me. The difference between the two animal behaviors is striking. Feed a dog or a bear (or a donkey) and they will keep hanging around awaiting those easy no work required handouts. True for us humans as well.

    Uncle Sugar is well named and his ‘charity’ is guaranteed to keep those democrats just hanging around and producing nothing at all while all of the time braying mightily for the next handout.

    The Kelly is well made. It’ll work over the long haul.


  3. Not at the workout stage yet, but we are starting to eat right, and my wife is studying Krav Maga. That appears to be workout enough for her, with all the jumping, bear crawls, and crab walking.

  4. At the risk of sounding foolish, can you explain the kelly kettle?
    How many pieces is it, how small is it, how exactly does it function?
    Is it it’s own water container? Is it single or double walled? How long does it stay hot after use?

  5. I have the Kelly Kettle base camp in Stainless and it is awesome. I have used it in every configuration and it has found a permanent place in my get home gear in my truck.

    Rourke, I have always respected you, but right now I am not on speaking terms with you after that spider stunt….You wouldn’t believe how high I jumped, AND I KNEW IT WAS COMING! 🙂

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