From the Desk of John Rourke – April 14th, 2015

Amazon is running a special right now on select magazine subscriptions for only $5 for an entire year. This includes a couple that I like including Field & Stream and Men’s Journal.

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With some of the recent activity revolving around EMP I am stepping up my preps. High on the priority is refrigeration.

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Check out this video on North Korea’s ability to place a nuclear weapon on one of their missiles and for THAT missile to reach the United States. It gets good around 2:40.  More reason to be increasingly concerned about EMP.

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Ammo Update: My local gun shop – as well as Cabela’s – is LOADED with .22LR. Cabela’s does sell out but then they resupply in short order. The only ammunition that cannot be found is .22 Magnum.

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The membership program will be fully running in just a few days. As soon as it is ready I will make an announcement. Something to note – it will always be changing and growing. I will be adding new vendor discounts, new articles, new downloads, etc. Looking forward to it going live.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ has .50 cal ammo cans on sale for $14.99. I remember picking them up $5.00. Times have certainly changed.


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  1. Rourke-I just signed up.I hope The Patriots is a grand success !!
    What are you planning for refrigeration when the SHTF with a possible solar flare or EMP?
    Bad news re N.Korea.
    Spring is springing here folks- at last !!! Arlene

  2. Re: 22LR,

    I can’t find ANY around here. Signed up for WIKIarms alerts and every alert I get, when I click on the link, they are already sold out. None in the Walmarts in may area (5 of them!) None in the Academy stores, none in the gun stores. AT ANY PRICE.

  3. Ditto on stepping up. Just a little bit more pressure on the gas pedal, so to speak? I need to build some Faraday cages. Refrigeration…hmmm. I guess I need to look into that. I pretty much was giving that up when it hit’s the fan, but if there is a reasonable alternative that would be nice. I remember when ammo cans were much cheaper as in free, but that is a good deal by today’s standards. North Korea..ugh! Good info and find.

  4. Try these 2 sites TexasScout. They are “Data crawlers” if you will, but for ammo. So, in other words. Instead of you going from site to site, pouring through them, and trying to find a good site. You can go one of these and it pulls all the info for you. It also includes the links so you just click-and-go directly to the site to order. You just choose the caliber your looking for.

    Hope this helps.

  5. FYI on the Amazon magazine subscriptions: The $5 is for the first year, but it will auto-renew at the normal price next year. I believe you can cancel before the renewal, but you need to be aware of it.

  6. Sorry John, I must have missed something.

    “recent activity revolving around EMP” I must have missed this. Could you be more specific? I certainly don’t bother watching nor reading the so called daily news on the msm. I depend on sites such as yours. Anything else such as weather, I walk outside. If I get wet, it’s raining.

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