From the Desk of John Rourke – April 13th, 2015

From A federal appeals court is asking the Obama administration to explain why the government should be allowed to keep secret its plan to shutter mobile phone service during “critical emergencies.”

The Department of Homeland Security came up with the plan—known as Standing Operating Procedure 303—after cellular phones were used to detonate explosives targeting a London public transportation system.

SOP 303 is a powerful tool in the digital age, and it spells out a “unified voluntary process for the orderly shut-down and restoration of wireless services during critical emergencies such as the threat of radio-activated improvised explosive devices.”

Fellow group member mentioned this to me. I do not believe that the Founders would approve. The ever increasing power of the Federal government and its ability to infiltrate the lives of citizens is more than concerning.

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Over the weekend started watching the new “Daredevil” series on Netflix. Wasn’t too impressed over the first few episodes but I am glad I hung in there as it is getting really good. On Episode 8 right now.


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Hillary is officially running for President in 2016. Honestly – and I have been saying this for quite some time – I believe she will win. The populace is so dumbed down and add to that the number of voters on the government dole. Any candidate stating that entitlements must be cut is just not going to get elected. On top of this throw in love affair the Liberal media has with whoever the Democratic nominee is.

Hopefully I am wrong.

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A Russian fighter jet came within 20 feet of an unarmed US reconnaissance plane on April 7th. Yes – 20 feet! This is just another piece of a puzzle that when put together is creating a picture of a renewed Cold War with serious Russian aggression.

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Been thinking about “trigger points”. I am referring an event that should THIS happen then THIS action must be taken.

Let’s look at an example: A terrorist attack hits New York City detonating a small nuclear bomb.

What is your reaction? Do you have a list of tasks that you feel should be done – just in case? These tasks may be as a result of the effect of the “trigger” or to prepare for more problems that may accompany.

How about another: Israel bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Another: A Russian fighter jet shoots down an American plane.

Do you have trigger points? What are your contingency plans?











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  1. The trigger point would need to effect/affect? me on a personal basis. I can not control what happens on a Global scale. Yet or ever? I need to concentrate on what I can control.

    • Good point Glenn and that has been on my mind as I am developing a list of TP’s and standard operating procedures around them. Here is a thought though: Although an attack from Israel on Iran is across the globe the results of the event very well may have a significant impact on me sitting over here on the east coast of the US.

  2. Blaine hit it on the head for my top trigger point, developed in late Sept 2001. From there, our family decided on keywords that indicate a personal trigger has been pulled, and we all rely upon each others assessments to determine our own “terror alert” color coding. Long ago we decided that we needed to diversify our thoughts as there are far more things than one can simply say “it’ll be this” or “that”. Of course, it helps that none of us are prone to crying wolf.

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