From the Desk of John Rourke – April 10th, 2015

I mentioned recently that I have been listening to 299 Days by Glen Tate. Almost done with Book One – really enjoying it.

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I want to mention again about the story from yesterday about the US military moving its strategic communications equipment back into Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. Specifically the reason was natural or artificial EMP and the need to prepare in case of such an event. Begs the question – “Do they know something we don’t?”

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Making a few changes to how the site looks. Nothing major. Notice that in the left sidebar there is a list of pages that can be found within MSO. There may be more good stuff lurking around the corner if you look.

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Due to my job I get some “inside” information from experts in certain fields of interest. First – unless there is some major crisis in the Middle East oil will continue to decrease in price. Second – the volatility of the stock market will be increasing.

No better time than right now to store some extra gas at these lower prices and move money that may be in the stock market into safer mutual funds.

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Panhandle Rancher asked in a comment about what my plans are regarding garden irrigation in a grid down situation. A couple things – I have two rain barrels that I use to water my plants as often as possible. Sometimes I do turn on the city water just because of time but the plants like rain water much better. If both barrels went empty and rain did not come there is a small stream a couple hundred yards from the house and a pond on the other side of the neighborhood.

I also make certain I do not water too often which does increase the water usage of the plants. By watering less often they tend to be “hardened” and use water more efficiently.

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Hope you get a chuckle out of this……


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Have a great weekend everyone!!!!










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  1. “There are a lot of folks in Washington who argue that the way Republicans should win is that they should nominate a candidate from the mushy middle,” Mr. Cruz said.

    Quoting an oft-quoted Ronald Reagan line, Mr. Cruz added: “The way Republicans win is we paint in bold colors, not pale pastels — pale pastels is a path to losing.”

    What has always been somewhat inconvenient about Mr. Cruz’s theory is that the one Republican who has won the presidency in the last quarter-century did not run as a bold-colored conservative.

    What makes Mr. Cruz’s case downright awkward is that he knows this because he worked on George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign.

  2. John,
    As usual, this year I’ve planted a garden that will undoubtedly end up supplying not only me, but also my extended family of nieces, nephews and my sister in law. I use a well for watering, but so far this year, it looks like we are getting primed for a really hot summer in the upstate of SC. So far, I have prepped my onion and garlic raised beds by applying a healthy cover of compost (I love having my chickens who contribute handsomely to the compost bin) and then covering them, both the sides of the beds and the tops, with rotted chipper debri. That should take care of the onions and garlic beds.

    The main garden, all of the rows are closer this year. After the seeds come up a few inches, I’ll cultivate in between the rows and then put down a generous layer of hay to cover the soil and smother any grass or weeds. I’ll probably put down 10 – 15 bales. I’ll still have to water, but hopefully nothing like in the past. I’m reluctant to deplete the water in my well. I could use the soaker hoses, but they are a one season venture in my experience. The sun seems to destroy them.


  3. I am increasing garden size this year , because I believe this will the years we really see the impact from CA’s drought at the store. It’s enough that we contend with weather conditions and GMOs’ in the states, it’s another when you buy vegetables from other countries whose practices are unknown or in some cases are known.

  4. Re EMPs. Please check as parts of the US have a 50% chance of a severe CME in the next 24 hours. Between this and terrorism loss of power seems to be an eventual possible reality Arlene

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