Friday’s Steals and Deals

steals and deals

Every Friday I have been trying to highlight some good deals from around the ‘net. I know money is tight and budgeting for preparedness can be challenging. Well really – it can be downright tough.

Over the last few weeks I have been mentioning numerous special offers from I have developed a relationship with them which started with my testing and evaluation of their Sunwayman C22C LED flashlight. What a great light! Anyways I receive weekly emails from my contact there and she sets up special deals – often exclusive to readers. What has gotten me so excited about is the great pricing and often unique selection.

Are there drawbacks buying from The only one I know of are the extended shipping times. Many of these items(but not all) are shipping directly from the country of manufacture – China. Shipping is slower than ordering from a US source however the price is well worth it.

One such example is the Olight S80 750 lumen flashlight. has it on a limited time sale for $25.99. At Amazon? Over $80.00 dollars!! Same product you can buy here in the US but much cheaper. So – I look at as a great budgeting tool when it comes to some preparedness supplies. I spend a couple hours per week in discussions with them on product selections and getting special offers for MSO readers. If no one is interested I can put my time elsewhere. If you all find it beneficial then no problem – glad to do it.

Here are this weeks offerings. Remember – some of these are for a limited time:

Olight S80 750 Lumen LED Flashlight – Reg. $69.99  SALE: $25.99  Free Shipping

Olight M22 Torch 950 Lumen LED Flashlight – Reg. $71.70   SALE: $46.99 with coupon code “GBM22”  Free Shipping

Olight M21 Warrior X Torch 600 Lumen LED Waterproof Flashlight – Reg. $92.00   SALE: $38.59  Free Shipping

Olight M3X Torch 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight – Reg. $98.03   SALE: $64.59  Free Shipping

SK68 CREE XPE 400 Lumen LED Mini Flashlight – Reg. $9.77  SALE: $2.99 with coupon code “Q5GB”  Free Shipping


That’s it for this weeks Steals and Deals.

Take care all –



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  1. I just received the sunwayman C22C flashlight and absolutely love it. For the money it is the best flashlight I own. Please continue with the product selections and special offers since they are great. Delivery was not that bad coming from China (about 14 days) when you are in no big rush. Thank you for all that you do for your MSO readers.

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