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 Ready Reserve Foods is running a sale on many of their survival & preparedness products AND offering FREE SHIPPING to all ModernSurvivalOnline readers.

Ready Reserve Foods is a leading supplier of emergency preparedness products and a sponsor of this website. Their current sale has featured items such as food storage products, ammunition, Potassium Iodate tablets, seeds, and more.

Here are a few examples (supplies are limited):

Ammo IN A Can Professional


5.56x45mm NATO 62 Grain XM855 Penetrator Full Metal Jacket – 30 Round Can


AE 45 ACP 230 GR-200x200

Federal American Eagle Ammunition 45 AUTO 230 Grain Full Metal Jacket Box of 50 (NOT CANNED)



Promo code “MODERN” and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.

Expires July 31, 2014



Potassium Iodate Radiation Blocker (90 Tabs)



SureFlame Fire Disk




Remember….use promo code “MODERN” and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.

Expires July 31, 2014

Visit their website…..


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