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Rod Davidson is a family man and survivalist.
For over a decade he has been preparing and protecting his family for when a crisis hits. 

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In his free report – How To Survive A Food Crisis – you will discover how anyone can start preparing for the imminent food crisis for pennies to the dollar.

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  1. Off hand, there ain’t much actually free any more: being born, breathing air (you gotta pay for water), going for a walk, and dying. Everything else costs money: a computer, keyboard, mouse, screen, net service, server, and electricity all cost money. So what if the guy makes a few bucks here and there.

    As a former Marine I’ll put money down any time: What he says with food and many other things fits right in with what they taught us in boot camp and advanced. My only real difference is that there is no water purification system that can be trusted 100% to deliver clean water. I am acquainted with a man who was a water production crew chief as top kick for 23 years in the Army, and he says “boil it ten minutes, use a purification tab, iodine, or chlorine”. There are not so many people around with his skill sets and knowledge. He says he no expert, just a life time student. Gotta love a guy like that.

    Some viral agents are less than .01 micron and there is no affordable technology for the average person to afford that, (that I am aware of). I’m sure Uncle Sam has the goods to do it, or at least should have, the way they spend money. And even if they did, I’d still boil it and chlorinate it. Mix a little Jello and sugar in and you’ll never even notice any off-taste. One good dose of dysentery or giardia WILL make a believer of you, as will Cholera. That beautiful little crystal clear stream may have the crap of any number of animals in it, and human bodies just do not do well after ingesting them. BE SAFE: ALWAYS BOIL. And a plug here: Katadyn is the system that the UN and Red Cross, Red Crescent, and a large number of other relief organizations use, and they boil or chlorinate also.

    I’m no expert; like the top kick, I’m just a student trying to learn what and how to make it if things go way down hill. I was 18 as a young Marine, and 48 years has passed, Praise The Lord; but I do not remember everything they taught us, but I can read and learn. Thanks for making so much free Rourke, and “Grizz”-stifle yourself!!


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