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Hi Fellow Patriot,
Rod Davidson here.

Tensions with North Korea are at an all time high.

There are reports that Kim Jong-un has started mobilizing missiles and moving them to the coast.

Never in recent memory has there been a more important time to prepare yourself and your family for the worst.

If a strike does happen people will be in a complete panic…running around like headless chickens

Make sure you not one of them. Be prepared.

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  1. I truly appreciate these articles. It’s better to be forewarned and ready than to be caught unaware and unprepared. Thanks for keeping us updated and educated.

  2. click here to recieve my latest download, click here to listen to me talk for 6 mintues so I can fear you into buying my latest DVD or prep package, click here to purchase this or that. Seriously, this guy is as bad as George shepard, David Morris, and those who are out to make money on the preparedness community by use of fear mongering in their emails/newsletters and endless droning of fear messages that say they’ll give you ‘secret tips’ on surviving the coming (insert disaster here).

  3. you are right on, JH. . . . these guiys are like that hack-Porter Stansbury- they waste your time and tell you nothing- until you give them mony- just more bs sales pitches.

  4. If Obummer had a brain he’d call this ranting little snot’s bluff. When the missile goes up, shoot it down. Then we’ll see who pisses his pants. The midget buffoon is playing his family game, and some people eat it up like rib eye steak. We have nothing to fear from him. The thing to do with him is stay quiet, no back channels, no communications at all, especially diplomatic. Maybe a sea blockade? Break his balls. Push him. He’s seen his crap work and get some people in a furor like a kid in a sandbox. His Daddy and Grandpa did it and got away with-such chicken-shits we were. Time to broadcast pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima right into his system so that at least the mid and high level fools will see what may happen. The South Koreans are between rock and a hard place, but there has to come a time when for the USA Li’l Kim is no longer a problem.

    And if you are really and truly frightened he’ll launch an atomic attack on us, the get the United States Army manual – $20.00 at Barnes and Noble and it’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about surviving a nuclear attack. Which ain’t gonna happen. Why people can’t understand that the louder and crazier he howls the worse things are there and that then is the time to play hardball is something I just can’t fathom. He’s like a shrieking schizoid child and we ante up more oil and food just like the dummies we are. Screw them. I don’t see any point in giving him anything; not even a sack of dog-food. It just makes him worse the next time. And Half-witted Hillary doesn’t have the vaguest idea what to do except to give him what he wants. And Our Own Dear Glorious Leader Ovomit is just as stymied.

  5. Hey JH and Rick,

    Rod Davidson here. This is my survival newsletter.

    There is a free report for folks to download once they subscribe. No sales pitch. I don’t have a DVD or prep package to sell. So I am not too sure what you are talking about.

    If you don’t like that – no problem. But there are a lot of people who are benefiting from my newsletter.


  6. Right On RD! I don’t have to read every column in the Newspaper, nor watch every news channel on TV. Use the Esc key or Delete key to drop out of any video or soapbox speech. I for one will continue to listen open-minded to all Survival and Preparedness articles I can find.

    I stay FAT because it would just not be fair to all of the THIN people if I were this good looking, intelligent, funny AND thin ! Kind of a Public Service you know….

  7. People, People…. What if all the great products out there ceased to exist? Most of these entrepenours have given up life necessities and lots of family time to provide us with products we really need. If you dont need it or are capable of doing it yourself, then you are blessed. I have no fear of no man, but Mother Nature, religious zealots, and some of our politicians make me fear what they are capable of doing. Have you never ordered simething from a magazine or the Internet? You just helped someone else trying to suppress your fears with their products. I can sell you some cans of Compression that you add to your gas tank and they wil increase your gas mileage. But hurry as the 7 Sisters and Greeners will force me to pull this product…. 😉

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