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Last week I mentioned a totally free DVD on nuclear terrorism that was available. Here is another one that I would recommend.  The Nuclear Threat Initiative is offering a free DVD video called “Last Best Chance“.

The video’s website provides the following description of the film:

Last Best Chance is a docudrama that shows the threat posed by vulnerable nuclear weapons and materials around the world and underscores what the stakes are.

 In the movie, al Qaeda operatives organize three separate operations aimed at getting nuclear weapons. The material is then fabricated into three crude nuclear weapons by small groups of trained terrorists, who have recruited bomb-making experts to help them manufacture their weapons.

 Governments around the world discover clues to the plot, but are unable to uncover the scheme before the weapons are en route to their destinations. The film clearly demonstrates that the hardest job for terrorists is gaining control of a nuclear weapon or material. Because the governments had failed to take sufficient action to secure or destroy the nuclear weapons material, they are helpless to prevent an attack.

 The film stars Fred Thompson and features an epilogue moderated by Tom Brokaw.

     To order your own copy click here.



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  1. Ordered mine too. This sounds interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two guys simply volunteered their services out of an interest in this subject. I remember a news interview from a few months ago where the host, and I believe it was Brokaw but it may have been Brian Williams, was talking with their guest (some market expert) about the economy and the possibility of a worst-case scenario, and they got to talking about how important it was to keep stores of food and water at home. They were saying, “This is what I do.” Pretty good to hear that from a mainstream media type.

  2. I ordered it, I will be surprised if I really get it.
    I had ordered “Shade” a while back paying about $27.00 for it nad never received it. We shall see.

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