Food prices and the future…..

food, prices, economic collapse, shortage, food storage, storage, survival, preparedness, SHTF

food, prices, economic collapse, shortage, food storage, storage, survival, preparedness, SHTF

I do most of the grocery shopping in my household and do my best to get the most for my money. Over the past few months I have seen a series of increases and wonder if it will continue. These increases are not so drastic that I suspect many people just do not notice. Increasing prices just a few pennies at a time and/or shrinking the size of the package by a few ounces masks to most what is going on.


Once or twice a week I stop at Bojangles and buy a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit along with a large Diet Pepsi.  Last summer I was paying $4.24 for the combo. Last week I paid $4.71.  That is an 11% increase. Not massive hyperinflation but it is a decent increase.


I used to buy large cans of Bush’s Baked Beans for .99 cents. That was a few year ago. Last summer the price had risen to $1.25 at Wal-Mart and $1.50 at my local grocery store. I complained back then. Just recently I found the same product at Wal-Mart for $1.89 at Wally-World and $2.15 at that same grocery store.  That is almost a 37%+ increase.


Last spring I would buy the store brand loaf of bread at my local grocery store for .99 cents. I am now paying about $1.45 for the same loaf. That is another 46% increase.


These are but a few of many possible examples of prices increases. Beyond just the raw prices increases I am finding sales are not as good as they once were. Additionally some stores have tightened their coupon policies which surmount to a price increase as well.


Every nickle and every dime add up. With the price of gas on the rise which no doubt will effect food prices (and everything else) – no better time than the present to stock up.






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  1. I agree with you all the way! Two years ago I could go into the grocery store and get three bags of groceries for around $50 dollars. Now days the same dollar value buys only two bags of the same items. Gas will for sure drive prices of things up. I don’t think it will just be groceries that we see on the rise either.

  2. love your site man!! been a daily viewer for over a year now and youve got lots of great info and ideas. if more people had your type of mindset this country wouldnt be in the position we are now. oh well right! just wanted to say hello and try to convince you that those diet soda pops are gonna give you cancer man, thats not just a friendly anecdote but cold hard facts man, get off those diet pops man, they are killing you!! the asparatame thats in those and most other sugury drinks from gatorade to sweet tea is a deadly poison, please please please if not for your sake for your childrens, do some research on asparatame and its sister products that are in virtually every processed food we eat, im no saint, but im trying my damndest to get myself and my very young children off all processed foods and on a varied vitamin regimne. if you are interested ive got tons of info on health realated issues, you should at least check out and know alex jones, what a fear monger but some of the guests on his show are worth hearing his rants. bullshit has to be 90% accurate and only 10% truth for most people to swallow it but there is some truth in it just hard to clean off the bullshit sometimes!) a great website for documentaries is, they have 56 pages of documentary films, also is another great documentary video site as is anywho if you wannat chat more bout it give me a hollar man!!!

    • Thanks for the kind words Justin.

      I received several emails about the diet soda. Going to start weaning myself off the crap.

      Take care –


  3. Food and gas prices can go up without there being inflation since the government decided that they were too volitle to be considered. Actually, I think it is because they do not want to admit just how bad things are getting. If food and fuel were included, think about how bad inflation would look. They know that the public would not stand for it and would vote them out.

  4. I see the same things here in NC as well . Last spring a 50 pound bag of seed potatoes at my local garden center was around $15. This past weekend it was $26 . Diesel went up $0.11 sense Monday ( past 3 days ). Cheese in my local store is up nearly $1.00 a pound . Last year I bought off brand mac and cheese for 2 for $0.89 now it is $0.89 each . I have been reading a lot lately that is saying that anything that has corn or wheat in it is going to go up by nearly 100% in the next year and almost everything has corn or wheat in it .
    Robert W

  5. One .308 Winchester bullet – $0.50
    5 gallons of gas for round trip to deer stand – $17.95 (as of this morning, probably $25.00 by opening day)
    One 200 lb. Bambie for the freezer – priceless

    Let the vegetarians fight it out at the mega mart, us carnivores will find plenty of groceries in the back woods.

    I seem to rmember Rourke putting in a garden plot some months back – add some navy beans. Then with a little imagination, bacon, and honey you can make your own pork and beans.

  6. While I have not kept an accurate track of the prices on the products I purchase, I know I stopped buying the Giant Bunny bread my kids love when it hit $3.19 a loaf at the local big box grocer and found an equally good Sara Lee loaf at $1.99 a loaf at Wally-World FreshMart. Meat has gone from a steak dinner once in a while to hamburger when it’s on sale and a cheaper cut. We are eating out about 60% less, and then usually at pizza or burger joints. We have cut back on all areas of spending inclucing birthday parties. We are attending far fewer and hosting less as well. Gas price increases are felt keenly in our home. We have put more money into gas and food that at any other time I can remember and I don’t think it will get any better regardless of the man or woman in the big White House in DC.

  7. ROURKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BE CAREFUL WEANING YOURSELF OF THE SODA! I dont know what kind of soda you drink but I was BAD! I drank 9-13 twenty ounce diet cokes per day for 10 years straight. They only reason I cut myself off was because I added the cost up and at an average of $11.00 per day (if I got them from vending machines) – I had spent a total of $40,000.00 on Soda. I quit when I was 28. I’ve been off the Soda for 3 years. Quit cold turkey and it was HORRIBLE! Massive caffene withdrawls – I had to resort to eating small amounts of chocolate and drinking some coffee for about a week to get through the pain. I have not had a diet coke since. Not even a sip. It was hard. Thankfully I dont have any health re-purcussions from it (yet..)

    On another note. About 6 months ago I could get a regular sized coffee jug for $5.99 – now its $8.99. I could also get 80% lean ground beef on sale for $1.99 a pound – now its $2.99. I was very happy and shoked to see another local mart selling it for $1.69 per pound which has been unheard of. I’m going to go there and buy 20 pounds of the stuff for the freezer. More if they will let me…(does 40 pounds sound crazy?)

    • Jennifer –

      Thanks for the warning. Years ago when I was 18 and heavy into bodybuilding and nutrition I quit cold turkey and actually went 9 months not drinking any soda. Back then I never drank diet. One hot summer day in Myrtle Beach I was super thirsty and got a Coke out of a vending machine. I drank it – and thought I was going to puke it was so strong and sweet. Well – never laid off them again until my son got diabetes 10 years ago and then I went to diet.

      Today I drank only water. I usually drink decaffinated diet drinks.

      I will continue to work to get off soda all together.

      Take care –


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