FIREARMS WEEK: How many magazines?

This question is pondered just about as much as “How much ammunition should I store?“. Over the past several years I have changed my mind on this and much of that changing I directly attribute to readers who have disagreed with me. I listened to other peoples opinions and came to the conclusion that the number I had determined was a good one wasn’t.

We are talking about survival and preparedness guns. Guns that are bought with a purpose in mind that some day if necessary they will be called upon to protect family, friends, supplies, and properties. Magazines- although very durable – wear out. These magazines can also easily be lost when doing tactical reloads or reloads on the run.

Another thought is if you have “X” number of magazines for your AK-47 and your buddy(who owns an AK as well) shows up on your doorstep but failed to grab all of his magazines. Now you have your AK with “X” magazines and he has his AK with two. Is that enough? Maybe – depending on how many “X” is.

Here are my recommendations on magazine supply:

semi-auto fighting rifle                20 magazines for each rifle/carbine

semi-auto pistol                            10 magazines for each magazine fed pistol


In today’s world magazines – especially for AK’s and AR’s – are very inexpensive. I strongly urge you to build your stockpile now because it is just a matter of time before a shortage occurs again for one reason or another. It was just a couple years ago that PMAG’s were selling for $50 – now available for $9.95 with free shipping. Wanted a 25-rd factory magazine for your M&P15-22 .22LR rimfire? $50 bucks for those as well. Glock 17 magazines? Now available for $25 with free shipping.


Next time there is a run on magazines and people are freaking out wondering if they will ever be able to buy any again feel secure knowing that you did your homework and are sitting on a sufficient quantity.

Yeah – that will put a smile on your face.



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7 thoughts on “FIREARMS WEEK: How many magazines?”

  1. I don’t agree with you. Giving a hard number for something like this is like saying you need 60 gallons of gasoline….however everyone’s scenario is different. generators, stoves, car types, distance to refill\supplies, length of expected emergency.

    For example, lets say I am a prepper, and I am preppeing for a armed conflict with Russian backed nato troops….ok…10 mags per rifle might not be enough. Lets say I am somebody who wants to hedge my self against rising restrictions and want to ensure my kids have a chance to get adequate magazines….maybe that number is less.

    Maybe I am a recreational shooter and believe in being prepared for short-term disasters (earthquakes…ice storms…) or mid term….(losing a job…). Preparedness for those individuals may not rely on firearms.

    Maybe I am just a little grumpy tonight but I dislike hard numbers. In the end, everyone needs to prioritize the different preparedness items.

    • Come on Brando – kick back with some egg nog and chill. You shouldn’t be so grumpy this time of the year – but that’s alright. Couple weeks I’ll forget about the whole thing.

      You are 100% though – I agree with you. Everyone has to make there own decisions. What I attempted to do was provide a MINIMUM suggested amount – regardless. I know preppers that have a total of 4 magazines for their AR. Not enough – at all – period.

      Just a suggestion – my recommendation…..probably worth about what you paid for it.

  2. Rourke,

    I think your suggested number is a good minimum starting point. Once you have reached that,than just buy a few more here and there as you can afford them. There is no such thing as to many, but there is such a thing as having to few!!!


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