Full Auto Glock…..simply awesome.


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  1. Full auto is fun, IF. If you have an uncle sam suppling you with the ammo. IF, you can get or have someone else to load for you. IF, you don’t have to clean everything afterwards. If you don’t have an uncle sam, can you afford to feed that hungry little monster by yourself? And another thing, after the first few bullets go out of the magazine, how many more of the rounds in those magazines are actually hitting the target? Looks like fun tho.

  2. Proper grip and stance… practice… puts em allll on target at that range. That you can pick up an entire battery of glocks for the cost of the G18 is … something else.. Then the ‘paper’.. work! An while you are doing that, you may as well go all in and order the capped threaded barrel and the suppressor and fill out that app as well and scoot down to the Sheriff’s office and sit back and…. mine… took 11 months. With the suppressor… you may want to try a detachable fore end grip on the rail.. just sayin.

  3. I have to agree with Al. It’s great in a perfect world. Not to mention burning your barrel out. I will admit to owning a bump board in order to fire my sidearms like machine pistol (more of an experiment ). I would imagine 99% of bad guys would take the high country at the sound of you burst fire followed by multiple impacts..

  4. Yes, they are fun to shoot, and necessary (lucky) to have in specific situations. If you pick off the closest imminent threat and work your way to the back of the charging huns, a semi-auto will work most of the time. Paperwork filing for firearm upgrades is getting ridiculous. Look at all the regulations created for gun control passed in the last 25 years, and pukes are still killing folks with unregistered, stolen, and no gun training. A good armorer can make most any gun fire automatic. I recall a first firefight that emptied 4 magazines shooting everything in less than a minute. No ammo and all I could do is sit there and feel stupid.

  5. I agree with Al !!!
    1. You have to be a seasoned pro to hit anything and then only if you practice hours a day.
    2. Most people would go broke quickly with even the cheapest practice ammo.
    3. Unless it is a special reinforced barrel you will BURN it out quickly.
    I made an IDF MAG barrel white hot (and threw it away afterwards) while shooting thousands of rounds and forgetting to change the barrel every ammo case of 500 rounds while firing 9000 (18 cases of 500 rounds !!!)rounds at a FATACH group directly north of the Dead Sea many years ago. The back of my hand was burned badly while changing the barrel. I never touched it just the proximity to heat gave me a big bad burn !!!
    Maybe can be used in a life threaning situation when you don’t care about cost and need like suppressing fire. AND THEN just like to guy in the video take out another one to hit something.
    Lt Col Res Uzi Ran

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