FIREARMS WEEK: Ammunition availability and prices

Ammunition availability and prices are as close to “back to normal” as I have seen in a long while – at least here in South Carolina. Local gun shop up the road from me this past weekend had ton’s of inventory of .22LR  and no limit. Academy Sports also had quite a bit of off brand 22’s but still on the expensive side(10 cents a round).  Even online ammunition retailer has a substantial selection although at higher prices. Just a few months ago their selection was zero. Things are getting better.

Local shop had these for $20/brick.
Local shop had these for $20/brick.

Common calibers such as 9mm, 45ACP, and 5.56mm/.223 Rem are getting quite good. 9mm can be had for around $12 a box give or take. Online I am seeing it for under $12 for 50 although shipping will add a bit to that. This is for FMJ rounds although JHP rounds are dropping as well. 45ACP and 40S&W are following the same path as 9mm with pricing.

5.56mm/.223 Remington ammunition continues to drop in price and remain available. Steel-cased Monarch brand is now down around $5.49 for 20 rounds. Brass-cased 55-grain is being seen on sale from $6.99 for 20 rounds. Often boxes of 90 to 150 can get the prices down to to the $7.00 range for 20.

Again, online ammunition retailer Luckygunner had Tula .223 Remington rounds for under $5.00/box. That is great pricing and not sure how long those prices will hold at that level. You can check it out HERE.

Other areas of firearms ownership that are looking good include the firearms themselves and magazines. For the budget-minded there is something out there for just about anyone.

I cannot emphasize enough to take advantage of the current availability and environment. As we have seen things can change on a dime and what is sitting on the shelves right now at a reasonable price can suddenly be difficult to purchase at any price. Politicians will take advantage of any news stories involving firearms to sell gun control. Mass shootings – whether we agree of not – sway public opinion regardless who is sitting in Congress or the White House.

Stock up now folks because there IS a shortage coming. It is just a matter of time.



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  1. Rourke,

    I’m sure there could be an article dedicated to ammo sites, but I just wanted to pass along one that I love and utilized alot during the shortages.

    You can filter by in stock, price per round, and even steel casing or not for select ammo. While it doesn’t poll every site out there I find their listing checks a lot of sites. Leaving me more time for other things.

    Side note – I usually don’t comment, but come here everyday. This site is excellent.

  2. Lucky Gunner has really become out of control with their prices. See blow

    22 LR – 40 gr LRN – Federal AutoMatch Target – 325 Rounds $50.00 = 15.4 cents per round.

    Ordered the very same ammo last week from Bass Pro, got two boxes for a total of 650 rounds for $39.99 with free shipping. 8.0 cents per rounds.
    Have seen no .22’s at walmart.
    I sure would like to see the $20.00 value pack, that would be the best deal.

    • Jibbs -Far too many online retailers are still charging too much for rimfire ammo. I think Luckygunner remain to offer great prices on other calibers. Appreciate it.

  3. Seems like you can get pretty much anything here in my area, prices getting better every week on ammo and guns. Actually some marked down prices which I feared would never return. Good News. Rourke, if you were to recommend one black gun what would you say? I have an AK 47, Saiga 223 but still want a black gun for my “collection”! Keep Looking UP

  4. First post; This is for Jibbs, if you wont to buy ammo at China Mart A.K.A Wal Mart you need to be in the store around 5 A.M that is when the case is filled, my GF works in the back as a reclaims specialist. Her counter part goes in early ever morning and grabs all he can before he starts work; of course that is if your store is open 24 hrs. a day like ours is. I get what I can with what little money I have since I have been out of work for three years now; don’t buy unemployment is down it’s all BS, I have given up looking because of all the young kids out with their new B.S degrees and living at home with mom and dad paying their bills can under cut my wage requirement by 60% I use to be over qualified, now under. So I make money taking care of predator problems for dairy farmers, coyotes make me some good money but not enough. Gave a great and safe day!!

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