1. I’ve read that more people have been killed by a .22 than any other round in history. In the late 1800s and early 1900s it was cusomary that ladies ,even soiled doves carried .22s. mostly small revolvers in 22short. None as muff guns. If I had to use a .22 pistol I would choose a .22WMR

  2. No doubt about it, the .22LR is a lethal round for human sized game but never forget there’s a reason no military nor police force uses the .22LR caliber in a battle rifle.


  3. A long time ago I purchased a Squire Bingham Arms model 16 rifle. This (sorta) M16 clone was made in the Philippines and shoots a 22LR and is really a great rifle. In the box it came in, along with assorted paperwork and manual was the history of the rifle. I can’t remember all the details but in this provided history was the story of how this rifle, chambered in 22LR was purchased by some poor, 3rd world government in order to arm it’s fledgling army against an invading force. As the story goes the invaders indeed where repelled and defeated. It was noted in the story that most of the enemies casualties did not come from the wounds suffered when shot by the 22 but from lead poisoning from the lead bullet… interesting.

  4. hey Jibbs, ther are people out there that will buy that Ruger 10/22 for under $200, save only the receiver and then build the $1000 rifle around it. LOL

  5. Heritage Arms Roughrider is also a good buy: Fit and finish is between a “Saturday night special” and a S&W; but you get a six shot .22LR/.22Mag (2 cylinders) in a single-action Peacemaker style revolver for about $200 brand new. Very good accuracy with a 6 1/2″ bbl. and adjustable sights. A .22 is a “kill you later bullet” but I don’t know anyone who wants to get hit by one.

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