Federal Judge Rules 2nd Amendment does not cover AR-15′s and AK-47′s

Read the full article HERE.  A US District Court Judge ruled that Maryland’s restrictive guns laws enacted last year do not violate the states citizens Second Amendment rights.

In summary the Judge stated that The Act substantially serves the government’s interest in protecting public safety, and it does so without significantly burdening what the Supreme Court has now explained is the core Second Amendment right of ‘law-abiding, responsible citizens to use arms in defense of hearth and home,’ ”

Judge Catherine C Blake

Like similar recent legislation’s the bill bans “the sale of certain semi-automatic firearms that they define as assault weapons, limit magazine capacity to ten rounds, require that handgun purchasers be fingerprinted and pass a training class in order to obtain a handgun license”. 

Of course, I expect that the Judge believes that criminals follow laws thus the law will be effective in preventing criminal activity. The reality is it will do nothing but quell the ability for citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights and defend themselves.

I say it now and I will keep saying it – get what you can now because some day you may not be able to.



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10 thoughts on “Federal Judge Rules 2nd Amendment does not cover AR-15′s and AK-47′s”

  1. These politicians and activist judges, (the ones who seem determined to redefine for us what our rights are) long for the day when the balance of power in the Supreme Court shifts to their side. Then they will be able to use the full weight and measure of their authority to fully protect us from gun violence, to the point of leaving us wholly defenseless and solely dependent on them.

    Their perspective is far different than ours, they look down from 30,000 feet, while we see things at street level. They will always insist that they don’t want to “take our guns”, till their knocking on your door. They don’t trust us with firearms, hell, they don’t even trust us with salt shakers…

  2. I fear we are much closer to the balance of power shifting to Satan’s side than people know. I tried to make that point on social media before the election in 2012, that a second Obama term will likely involve appointing Supreme Court Justices and this will impact EVERY firearm owner. Pennsylvania may be a Democratic state, but they love their hunting here. Kids actually get a day off from school on the first day of Buck Season! Obviously, my Facebook efforts were fruitless. It is a terrible thing for a Christian to say, but I wish these activist judges would suffer through a violent crime. Maybe if they get carjacked, raped or robbed, they’ll finally understand where we’re coming from. I agree with Rourke! If you are considering a Modern Sporting Rifle, GET IT NOW! If you cannot afford it, charge one with a credit card. Right now, Barry’s next Supreme Court appointment will have no problem with confirmation in Harry Reid’s Senate. Knowing the TRAITORS AND SCOUNDRELS OCCUPYING THE WHITE HOUSE AND SENATE, it would not surprise me if they are planning the removal of Scalia, or Thomas. November may take Barry’s control over the upper chamber…….

  3. Pretty soon, they will outlaw PVC Pipe Bombs (for fishing), Binary chemicals (bleach & Ajax), trebuchets, and Gattling Guns. How else will we be prepared to protect our families and homesteads? More people die from blunt force trauma than bullet wounds. Are they outlawing hammers larger than 6″ long too?

  4. When will these so called ” public” servants stop spendin all their time blue is plaid , red is green and white is yellow and start sorting out the problems that are shipping our industrial base overseas. They find it so easy to talk gun control when their security teams suits are bulging.

  5. It’s real clear to me that she did not read that little piece of paper she swore to uphold called The Constitution and that also includes The Bill Of Rights.
    They must find these people in the deepest darkest cesspools of the planet. These liberal/progressives also think that we a are have a Democracy form of government when in fact we are a Republic.

    It also seems that everyday brings about something so outragous that it tops the day before. Maybe we need to dig a mote at the Mason-Dixon Line. I just can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, stay tuned for more details folks, it just keep getting better.

  6. I think her statement of, “The Act substantially serves the government’s interest” just about says it all. I seem to remember a time when the “Government” served at and for the will of the people. I guess it now exists as an entity in and of itself and will interpret the supreme law of the land (Constitution) in any way that will serve to further its own agenda.

    • Yeah Brad – that does sum it up. I just hope it starts to get better but it seems the trend towards Progressives getting their way continues.

  7. While watching the movie “Cathing fire” I was struck that our police now are like the police in the movie They come in armored fighting vehicles, wear armor, and carry machine guns. How long before they act like the police in the movie? Obamas grandfather was imprisoned for being a mau mau terrorist. His father was arrested for being a mau mau terrorist all by Winston Churchill. One of the first things Obama did in office was send back to Britain a bust of Churchill that was in the oval office. A clear sign that Obama remembers his family support of mau mau. Obama is not using the police at the border but rather on US citizens. He is intent on making America a brown nation replacing the current white folk. He wants the nation disarmed and unable to stop his race motivated plan for the future. Mentally he is mau mau in fact


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