“Fear the Walking Dead” Episode 1 and 2 Review

The Walking Dead TV series has been one of the hottest phenomenons to hit entertainment in years. Why? Don’t know. Guess it is the combination of story lines within show. There is suspense, action, thrills – and even a little romance now and again. Character development has been phenomenal as longtime viewers can attest to. Over several season characters change – they adapt and relationships develop with other characters. They even die regardless of their popularity.


With The Walking Dead’s popularity it was only a matter of time before a spin-off was created. “Fear the Walking Dead” premiered August 23rd to much fanfare. While the original show takes place in the South,  FTWD location is all the way across the country in Los Angeles. Certainly the environment provides quite a different setting.

The story starts from what appears a few weeks prior to the main story line of The Walking Dead.


Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

This premiere episode starts off with young heroin addict Nick waking up and seeing his friend (hot zombie girl) eating the face off a fellow heroin addict. He jumps up and runs out of the building and eventually into a street where he is hit by a car. Surviving – he later wakes up in the hospital strapped to a bed. From the viewer’s perspective I wondered whether or not the feast which he witnessed was real or part of a series of drug induced illusions.

Later in the hospital Nick’s mom – Madison – displays some tough love as she has dealt with her son’s drug addict lifestyle for some time. Her husband – Travis – who is Nick’s stepfather seems to act a bit more compassionate to Nick’s rants and apparent “delusions”.

Unlike The Walking Dead “Fear” is full of teenagers – at least at this early point. Over at a local high school there is talk of kids who are missing school and it is suggested that flu is to blame. Interesting is the kids get together and watch video’s of people who appear to be superhuman. These “beings” take unbelievable abuse with little effect until a bullet penetrates their head. At this point it appears that most everyone who sees these video’s believes them to be fake or the people are on bath salts. I felt like the spread of news about these situations was unrealistically slow. 

Nick eventually escapes the hospital after it appears that a “walker” was on the other side of the rooms curtain. Turns out it was an old guy going flatline. Eventually he ends up at Calvin’s house – an old friend who is actually his dealer. Calvin drives him to a remote location with the obvious intent on killing him. Things don’t go Calvin’s way and he ends up with no heart beat. Nick is one lucky heroin addict.

Madison and Travis eventually meet up with Nick. Nick confesses that he killed Calvin. Travis – the understanding parent – get Nick to show him where Calvin’s body is. You guessed it – not there. Calvin comes walking down a tunnel and Nick hits him with a truck out of fear for what he is now and what he will do to his parents. Travis now believes Nick that something mighty strange is going on. Things are really getting interesting at this point.

I enjoyed Episode 1 and its hints at the coming zombie apocalypse really has me thirsty for more. The original Walking Dead pretty much skipped the entire process of the spread of the disease.

This is going to be interesting.

Scene from the beginning of Episode 1
Scene from the beginning of Episode 1



Season 1, Episode 2: So close….yet so far

Things in Los Angeles are not going so well. Overall the people of the city seem mostly oblivious to anything going on locally or elsewhere in the country. Reports of the flu or some other sickness are of minor concern. At one point the police shoot an unarmed man (guessing a walker) and people begin to protest and riot violently.

Madison’s daughter – Alicia  – finds her boyfriend at his home lying on the floor extremely sick. While her parents know what is going on she is finally convinced to leave him. He has a bite on his shoulder so his change is just a matter of time.


Her brother Nick is having serious withdrawals as he has not had a heroin fix in a couple days. Madison goes to the school to get medicine to help him. She and a student come across the Principle Art of the now empty school – and have to fight him off as he has changed.

Madison and Travis have decided to get all the families together, gather supplies, and head out of the city.

While Madison is getting medicine for her addic son Travis has gone to get his family from his first marriage.  They get caught up in riot and take refuge in a business. The power goes out and all cell phone service ends as well. Travis and family is stuck in one place while Madison and family are at home – seeing walkers walk by out in the street.

Travis and Madison are certainly developing their skills to survive what is coming. Things are developing fast.

Next episode in two weeks.


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