Face the Nation edits video to protect Obama

Another example of the mainstream media twisting words and trying to control public opinion……


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  1. No real surprise there folks. It is just sad that the majority of people are not given the WHOLE TRUTH by those who call themselves “Journalists”. They are the current version of the cold ware era Pravda. “You aren’t really freezing to death, it is just slightly chilly”. I wonder if when they were children they always dreamed of growing up and getting a job misleading, lying to, and politicizing the truth…

  2. This is yet another reason CBS, along with ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc have the lowest ratings since the rating have been calculated. A side note: Jeff Zucker, the CEO of CNN anounced a few weeks ago, that they will be joining MSNBC, in exiting the news business and focus more on opinion commentary. Opinion: This should be an easy transition as they both have been out of the real news business for more than 5 years.

  3. Although the constant manipulation of the real new by the mainstream media is rampant. This example seems a bit contrived to me. Calling out these so called jurnalistis atrocities is all of our responsibility as patriots to this country, but lets use our heads. There is enough of it going on that we do not need to make Sh*& up.

  4. Werewolf, good point, it seems the news media has taking a lesson from the Russians and only prints what the government wants you to know.

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