Exercise and health….recommitted

A while back I talked about fitness, nutrition, and preparedness. Far too often people – even me sometimes – do an awful lot of talking and planning and not enough doing. Fitness is something that people always put of ’till tomorrow. It’s the “I’ll start my diet Monday” routine, while I eat like a pig all weekend. Monday comes and nothing changes.


Last year I had lost about 15 pounds at one point and was working out hard doing Crossfit. If you do not know what Crossfit is check out my other posts following the links above. Anyways – the holidays came around and my workouts….and diet suffered. I gained the 15 pounds back and felt terrible about it. About 3 weeks ago I recommitted myself to working out more and eating better. So far I am down 8 pounds and have really done well at Crossfit. I also have started running more – which I have always hated.

Fitness and preparedness are absolutely related. With the cost of medical treatments and the future of healthcare in question staying as healthy as possible has never been more important.

So – today is Saturday. If you need to drop a few pounds or get in better shape – are you going to wait until Monday….or get moving right now?


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