Excerpt from American Exit Strategy


AESThe following excerpt is from the fantastic book American Exit Strategy written by Mark Goodwin. It is being reprinted with permission.

Let me set the stage: In the book there is a Presidential debate taking place between three candidates – Governor Howe(Democrat), Congressman Marcos (Republican), and Independent candidate Paul Randall. Paul Randall is a Republican but running as an Independent. What follows are the closing statements from Paul Randall after both Howe and Marcos discussed their policies which were obviously not in line with the Constitution.


Excerpt from Chapter 4 – American Exit Strategy

“Yes, thank you Amy.” Paul said finally.” I had an excellent speech that we had worked on all day, but the closing remarks made by Governor Howe and Congressman Marcos have hit harder than I expected. These men do not represent what our forefathers had in mind when they risked their lives to build you this country, America. Our forefathers had in mind to build you a nation on faith that was anchored by morality and law to ensure liberty. The framers of the Constitution spent years to create a document that would ensure our liberty and guarantee our God given rights. They had just thrown off the chains of tyranny and hoped to guard you against that same oppression.

Governor Howe and Congressman Marcos sought to put this document behind them, the document upon which the entirety of our legal system is founded. Without the Constitution, we have nothing but anarchy, for all the powers of government are defined and prescribed by that document. These two men go beyond nullification of the Constitution; they seek to take away the rights given to you by your Creator.

Let’s look at just a few of the infractions against our founding principles. The Declaration of Independence so eloquently speaks of the right to life. Both of these men have infringed upon that right for millions of unborn children. They condone murder of the most defenseless. I know they don’t think that it is a life. They think that it’s just a blob.

Have you ever seen an ultrasound Governor Howe? Does that look like a blob to you? It looks like a person to me. I see tiny arms, legs, a head, fingers and toes. So when does life begin? I say at conception. You say at some other time, but you can’t tell me when. If you can’t tell me when, then you cannot say definitively that it does not start at conception. Therefore, you can’t tell me definitively that abortion is not murder. If we’re going to pick a time that is convenient to say when life begins, let’s just say it starts when you wake up from being a liberal or a neo-con.

Both of these men have been involved in passing laws that infringe on your Second Amendment rights. The amendment says ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’ What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ don’t you gentlemen understand?

Our country has been reduced to begging for handouts from the IMF and UN because of the continued welfare spending proposed by Governor Howe and the warfare spending proposed by Congressman Marcos. If we want to regain our national sovereignty, we’re going to have to cut defense spending to a sustainable level.That will not include Congressman Marcos ‘Jobs’ plan that pilfers the taxpayer to enrich the military industrial complex.

It also won’t include the constant growth of the surveillance police state that ‘protects’ us from terrorism. Do you know the odds of dying in a terrorist attack Congressman Marcos? It is 20,000,000 to 1. Do you know the odds of being struck by lightning? 6,250 to 1. Lightning is 3200 times more likely to kill you than a terrorist. Do you know how many lightning rods and rubber shoes we could buy with the $300 billion dollar intelligence budget that we use to spy on our own citizens through programs like Prism? But that doesn’t matter, because it’s not about saving Americans from terrorism, it’s about controlling them.

We are also going to have to turn welfare back over to the church. Government can’t handle welfare and it is not their job. This is the job of the church. When a person is in need of financial help, there are usually other factors at work. Sometimes it may be drugs or it may just be poor money management. Sometimes it‘s just that they need help through a hard time. But they need the church to counsel them and find out what the issue is.

The church can then help them get back on their feet. If they’re just freeloaders, the church can discern that and kick them out the door. Government can’t do those things. They just get people stuck in a cycle that they can’t or won’t get out of. Government has no ability and no desire to help people who are down. The liberals get dependants to give up their freedom for an Electronic Benefits Transfer, or EBT card and insure their votes and our nation’s demise.

Health care? Ironically, the heath care bill dubbed Al Mohammad Care was the disease that completely collapsed our economy into the ruins we see today. Governor Howe brags about the unemployment rate. It is a manipulated number that doesn’t count millions of people who have dropped out of the work force over the years because there were no jobs to be had.

The number also neglects all the people who are working part time because they can only find part time work. If you calculate those folks in, the number is much closer to 30% than the 7% that is reported. All of these part time jobs popped up when the health care law forced many service sector businesses to cut employees to 25 hours per week to avoid being required to provide health care insurance for them. Other part timers were hired to take the hours of the employees who lost hours. That goosed the U3 unemployment number to make it look lower.

My plan is not an economic stimulus plan. It is not the ‘lie in the sky’ bill of goods these other two candidates are offering. My plan is painful but it takes us back to a sustainable path. The future will be painful. The only question is, will we salvage what we have and rebuild or will we burn it to the ground, to a point from which there is no coming back? My plan will prevent significant loss of life. Howe’s plan or Marcos plan will most certainly end in complete collapse of our government and economic system.

Depending on how much charity we receive from other nations, we should expect a die off of between 10% and 40% of the US population. There is no more sugar coating the facts. It’s just simple math. We are out of time and the collapse is at hand. The IMF is low on funds and unable to bail us out much further. To continue to print money through quantitative easing will collapse the little value the world still places on our paper currency.

My plan will take us through a revaluation and reinstitute a 100% backed bi-metal monetary system backed by physical silver and physical gold. Gold and silver have been used as stores of value since the very beginning of time. Genesis 13:1 states “Abraham was very wealthy in cattle and silver and gold.” That, my friends, is the beginning of time. This will replace the Federal Reserve and the central planners with a free market that regulates monetary supply though scarcity. It protects the citizens from inflationary taxation through new money creation which robs savers. The value lost by savers through inflation is then reallocated to the government for them to waste and buy votes.

My plan is not a new one. It is the same plan our forefathers handed us more than 200 years ago. It was a plan that worked, so let’s get back to it.”

  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Rourke: I have read this part of the book several times. How I wish that we had a Presidential candidate that would speak these words. Do we? I believe Rand Paul and Ted Cruz would likely speak these words.

The future of this country is bleak and it would take a true Patriot combined with great personal sacrifice of the American people to fix it. The sacrifice is going to happen eventually regardless. There is a movement in America against the Constitution and against Christianity. The Federal government continues to grow exponentially invading almost every aspect of our lives. This is all happening right in front of us however the vast majority of the country is oblivious – or just do not care. They may even suspect the truth but as long as the heat comes on, Dancing With the Stars is aired, and their EBT card is filled it will be business as usual.

The author of American Exit Strategy – Mark Goodwin – hosts a podcast a few times per month. Check it out at PrepperRecon.com.

I highly recommend you read this book.



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  1. Very interesting read, but I’d like to talk about the news today, what do you guys think about lights out on the national news today? Let’s consider, I. Mean you have a gongressmen telling you he bought enough food for his kids, and in his kids kids on national television on face the nation this morning… I’m pretty sure we need to talk about NOTHING ELSE BUT FREEZE DRIED FOOD AND WATER STORAGE THIS WEEK… But hey I’m more than a little opinionated !!

  2. I am with you on that Doomsday. My wife and I have been stocking up on freeze dried food for some time now. It is tasty, and if you find the high quality ones that don’t have the extra sodium and other junk added in, it is also quite a bit more healthy than the ‘groceries’ you buy at wallyworld.

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