Every Day Carry(EDC) Kit

I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube with people showing their EDC (Every Day Carry) kits. Many of them I see really as survival kits. I mean – some of these are in large bags with multiple pockets weighing in over 20 pounds. To me – this is not something that most anyone would carry daily. Car kit? Maybe. In this post I want to pass on some info of what I generally carry every day on my person.


I have used these “Pock-Its” for years at my job and they are durable and stand up to a lot of abuse. I ordered the one above through Amazon. Not as big as many other EDC’s out there – it can carry a decent amount of stuff.

Made of a Coruda-type material – it is decently attractive and does not carry a tactical look to it.

With numerous pockets available for flashlights, multi-tools, matches, fish-hooks, scissors, batteries, band-aides, etc – this pouch can carry quite a bit on your belt.

I do not carry much as I do not like the added weight. Much of what I carry I use daily. Starting off I have a 3 watt LED flashlight and a pair of Gerber Multi-pliers.

I wear glasses and without them I cannot see well at all. In the lower front pouch I keep a few Sight Savers which I can use to clean my glasses.

In the back I have a few band-aids.

That’s it. I can add more at anytime and many of my systems change and evolve every so often. I could throw a book of matches in – that would not be a bad idea. I have tried – but I have not managed to get my AR to fit yet.

Like I said earlier – this may be small compared to many other EDC kits out there – but it works for me.

Take care all –


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  1. Rourke, Thats a very nice EDC. I like the fact that you only carry what you need and not a bunch of unnecessary junk. Some EDC’s are a bit over done. Great post.

  2. Here are the items I carry everyday in an Altoids mint can. I also carry a flashlight in my phone case, a Multi-tool, A Kobalt 3 blade lock blade with utility knife, and a 6′ -12′ 550 para cord in my coin pocket.

    1. 3-band aids
    2. Antibiotic Ointment
    3. Iodine Pad
    4. 2 Alcohol Prep Pads
    5. 2 Cotton Balls
    6. Bandage Tape
    7. 2 Motrin
    8. 2 Electrolyte Tablets
    9. 2 Cotton Swabs
    10. 2 Safety Pins
    11. Needle and Thread
    12. Dental Floss
    13. 3’’ Section of a Bic Pen for storage and and to help start fires( with candle and Motrin Inside, bandage tape and thread on outside)
    14. 1 Birthday candle
    15. Small Knife With 2 Blades ( will trade for knife with scissors)
    16. Small Lighter Wrapped in Tin Foil
    17. Whistle With Lanyard ( ear plugs stuffed into exhaust end act as a pin cushion for needle and thread that are inserted from mouth piece end)
    18. Ear Plugs
    19. Large Paper clip
    20. 4-4’’ Strips of Duct Tape on outside of tin
    21. 16’’ of Small Nylon String under Duct Tape
    22. 2- ¼’’pc Rubber Bike Inner Tube( used as rubber bands to keep lid closed)
    23. 1 Chicken Flavored Bouillon Cube
    24. 3-small fishing hooks
    25. 10’ of fishing line
    26. 1’ of safety wire under duct tape
    27. What would you like in your tin?

  3. If it were only acceptable for men to carry purses. My wife teases me I want a fanny pack but lots of times espeacially in summer im curseing I don’t have my doodad or thingy I left at home. All times I do carry knife n paracord on keychain bandaids n emergency cash.

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