Europe is Dying

I never though it’s gonna go down like this. Europe is literally being raped by migrants and there’s STILL no talk about deportations. I’ve been fighting tooth and nail on my personal Facebook and on various websites who show the atrocities these guys make and I have to say the one thing those pro-immigration have in common is that they’re completely illogical.

There’s a veritable war happening on social media and on news sites these days. Mostly on those that are right wing because many of the ones that are left wing, oddly enough, don’t allow comments on their articles. I’ve done my best to reason with these people, showed them proof, followed their logic and had an unreasonable amount of patience. To no avail…

That’s when I realized it: it’s not the migrants we should be afraid of, it’s our own kind… Because they’re the ones letting them in.

I’d rather have a thousand angry men trying to break my door than a single person on the inside, willing to open it.

People are either pro and con, it’s hard to be neutral with something like this. So what I’m gonna do is give you lots of proof that Europe is dying… things that I’ve gathered to give to others who are either ill-informed or simply ignorant in their decision to support these migrants.

There way I want to do this is by stating some of the objections they’ve thrown in my face, followed by facts, figures, source citations (trustworthy ones, I assure you and you can mention that to the people you talk to) and, of course, video leaks that have flooded the internet, showing what these people are capable of.

Shocking: some of these videos were filmed by themselves to brag about humiliating us. Just like ISIS said they would.

“The migrants are refugees fleeing war.”

Not all of them. Many of them are NOT from Syria but from countries and regions such as: Algeria, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Albania and Kosovo (source from There’s no war there.

Another problem: there’s a big difference between migrants and refugees. The Geneva convention clearly defines what a refugee is:

A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it..


Does it say anything about half of the population being forced to integrate them because the other half want to? I don’t think so.

Refugees should, thus be given a place to stay until it’s safe to come back to their homeland.

“Migrants are good for the economy.”

The otherwise vague statement that migrants are good for the economy of a country is valid but that doesn’t mean you can do it in anyway that you want.

#1. Too much of anything is never a good thing. According to the United Nations, almost half of the world’s population lives on under 2 bucks a day. From the remaining half, how many of them live under 5 dollars a day? Or under 10 dollars a day? Crowding everyone into western countries and the US is going to choke everything. Crowding even a fraction of them is going to achieve the same result.

No, I’m not saying they don’t need to be helped but I think it’s clear for that we can’t help everyone. The advances in western societies are what allowed us to help them the way until now. Plus, we have our own lives to live, we’re the ones who decide if we want migrants or not.

“Did you see what Syrian looks like today? It’s been completely destroyed! They can’t go back there.”

What about Germany after WW2? What about Japan? There’ve been other countries in recent history that were destroyed and, guess what, the people rebuilt them. Are these “gentlemen” planning to go back to rebuild? Apart from one kid which I saw on the video saying so, I think it’s safe to assume that they won’t.

Let’s get one thing clear: unless we deport them, these migrants will NOT go back.

They don’t want to come back, Merkel doesn’t want them to go back so they aren’t just refugees. They are migrants and that’s a totally different ball game.

“We need to educate the migrants. If we educate them, it’s going to be ok.”

I just said that there’s a difference between migrants and refugees. Since they should be going home after the war is over, it’s not our responsibility to educate them.

Furthermore, I have proof of migrant children who were born un European soil who hate our guts.

Proof #1: This is a video of a few muslim schoolgirls in Germany, speaking flawless German. They admit they don’t have any German friends, they admit they can’t be like them and that the fact that they eat pork disgusts them.

One of the girls proceeds to say that if all Germans disappeared one day from Germany, with only the migrants remaining, nobody would notice.

Proof #2: most of the terrorists from November 2015 in Paris were born on European soil. (more on who they were here). These children failed to integrate so they ended up hating the countries that raised them and gave them a good life. Educating them is more than just getting them not to rape or loot. Plus, the smarter and more “educated” they get, the more sophisticated their methods of islamisation will be.

Proof #3: Numerous high-placed Muslims (a.k.a imams) want the islamization of certain countries. According to the Gatestone Institute, Marwan Muhammed, spokesman, Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) said:

Who has the right to say that France in thirty or forty years will not be a Muslim country? Who has the right in this country to deprive us of it?

Proof #4: there are imams who are ‘educated”, yet openly state that they want Sharia law. I’me sure you already know Anjem Choudary, who loses no opportunity to share his extremist views. Imagine how many people he’s influenced even if just a little bit to believe him.

Show the sheeple the videos and ask them: Is this man educated?

“You’re being racist”

No, we’re not. Islam is not a race and there are many Arabs that are Christians. In fact, there are stories and reports of Christian migrants being persecuted on their way from the middle east to Germany (source 1, source 2).

In addition, I already said that some of these migrants came from… Europe. Many were from Albania which, lo and behold IS A EUROPEAN MUSLIM COUNTRY (source)!

Kosovo, a disputed region in Serbia, is 97% islamic (source)!

Apparently, Muslims have an appetite for migration.

“Muslims, Christians and Atheists can live together.”

This is another generalization that shows how those who are pro refuse to think. There are indeed examples of muslims and christians living together. The turkish community in European countries is well-established and we got along fine. Turkey was a safe country despite the fact that its people were a little more violent in nature. It was a popular tourist destination, I’ve actually been there and everyone was polite and kind. Now that they’ve been flooded with savages from the Middle East, bombs started exploding, tourism started imploding and I’m sure those Syrians have filled many Turkish hearts with hatred by now.

The biggest proof that they can’t is the fact that they aren’t. Just watch footage and photos of Muslim neighborhoods in Belgium, France and the UK and you’ll quickly understand why. You can read this excellent article about Molenbeek, the jihadi capital of Europe.

“The refugees are poor.”

No they are not. They all had to pay thousands of euros to get into the EU. We’ve all seen their smartphones. Also, the housing and renting prices in the city of Gaziantep, turkey, ave skyrocketed due to the number of Syrian migrants (source).

Even more signs that Europe is dying.

One of the things that shocked me was how the authorities from certain “developed” countries are handling this. I want to share with you some recent news you may have not heard or read that’s made my blood run cold.

#1. Liberal media is doing a lot everything it can to hide migrant rapists. (source) Since they are backed by liberal politicians who have the power in these countries, and thus, the money, they don’t care that by repressing these news they’re inevitable putting their countries into an early grave.

#2. Not only is pepper spray illegal in Finland (let’s not even bring up the topic of knives), but they’ve made this ridiculous video teaching women that they can stop a rapist with just words:

While we all know talking really loud when in the presence of an attacker is a good strategy, leaving these women defenseless in from of these animals is as cruel as it can get from a country priding itself with its views on feminism.

Watch until the end to see that this strategy is more like a last resort and that more often than not, it doesn’t work.

#3. A Swedish social worker stabbed by a 15 year old migrant din’t have a burial ceremony as to not upset the migrants

#4. Merkel wants to destroy Europe. It’s pretty clear now but saying it over and over again isn’t going to change things. Here’s what the bitch said to a social worker about her fears over what’s happening: 

#5. A German mayor advises girls to avoid migrant areas. Is that racist or what?

#6. Video of a woman being dragged into a subway in Koln (Germany) on New Year’s. Just listen to her screaming:

#7. Another video, another german woman, also in Germany:

…and on and on and on.


I can write 10 more articles on this topic and I probably will… but I’m curious about what you think about this and, most of all, on what should be done.

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  1. Great article Dan. It’s obvious that you put some time and thought into it. What strikes me as most interesting (to the point of these ‘migrants’ assimilating) is the countless examples of Muslim nations NOT accepting Christians and their views, nor tolerating even the slightest ‘intolerance’ of Islam. What that means is, when these people reach a large enough percentage of the population that they can influence elections and even legislation, how will these neighborhoods and towns look? Not at all like they are today or were yesterday. It’s a crying shame that THIS generation of Europeans would throw away hundreds of generations of culture and values for the whims of idiotic leftist leaders. Here’s a FOX article on current Christian oppresion in Egypt of all places.

    Imagine, if we had only intervened early on in the Syrian crisis even AGAINST the liberal objections, how many lives would have been spared and how all of this could’ve been avoided. It’s one more (as if we needed it) example of why pacifism doesn’t work in the real world. Keep these great articles coming!

  2. It would seem that from reports, only reported in the alternative media, that Europeans to some degree are waking up i.e. demonstrations, firebombing of the foreign invader sites, large mobs going after the malignancy in the train station, etc. Of course the statists/traitors/quislings in control are attempting to control the narrative via official government proclamations, their main stream media whores, and through obfuscation and lies, and now just outright outlawing demonstrations of any kind. Those that make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-JFK. I am waiting to see the violence turn not just against the invaders, but the statists as well. It is coming and there will not be enough of their ranks to prevent it, and it will be ugly. European history is replete with examples of this. From this seed, as it were, will arise a dictator(s) who will rally the disregarded/despised masses into revolution and restore their nations to something that actually represents reality and normalcy. If they do not, then they die as a people. They have nothing to lose now.

  3. Almost unfathomable, how Europe’s leaders continue to sell out their native populations to Islam! Benefits of “Multiculturalism”, the need for workers, innocents fleeing war zones, ALL LIES TO DECEIVE THE PEOPLE into accepting Asian and African immigrants! This nefarious plot did NOT begin with Syria. This INVASION goes back several decades. Don’t even try to tell us that the politicians have not noticed the horrific effects of unfettered Islamic immigration. HEINOUS crimes, like child rape, honor killings, female genital mutilation and animal torture have exploded across Europe. Not to mention the growing threat of terrorism. Perhaps the Arabs are blackmailing the West with the threat of cutting off oil supplies. I suspect something far more sinister, a backdoor agreement between the United Nations and the Islamic leaders. Either way, Christianity needs to stand up and fight back, or face extermination.

    • Ditto to everything you said! This is exactly what I believe is going on! Last week I found an article by Matt Bracken, comparing the recent flood of Islamics into Europe to the Tet offensive of the Vietnam war. In that campaign, north Vietnamese fighters were planted throughout the south and on the Tet holiday, they all attacked. Mr. Bracken argues very persuasively that this same strategy is what the invaders are getting ready to do in Europe, and that they will be doing it this year. I really hope that he’s wrong, especially since my son is living and working in Berlin and will need to be there for almost two more years. 🙁

  4. I’ve often said that we here in the US, especially the whites, have become too civilized. In retrospect, I think that rather than becoming too civilized, we have been allowed ourselves to be beaten down by the liberals and the PC crowd to the point that very few of us know how to fight any longer. It used to be in school when the class bully picked on someone, everyone would gang up on him and adjust his attitude. Problem fixed, no more class bully. But today, you would be expelled and probably prosecuted for standing up for your self. Therein is the problem today. In the US we have been conditioned to fear individual action…i.e., beating the crap out of someone for crossing your line. We need to reverse that trend. If we don’t, the Muslims will push the US into the same maelstrom as is now in Europe. My solution to the effrontery of the Muslims is to take them to task immediately on the site of the issue. Take them to task in my definition is…”Stomp them into the ground”!! If the Muslims find that in the US or anywhere else, that every time they grope female (guys this is regardless of race, meaning white guys stand up for black girls and black guys stand up for white girls), they get the crap stomped out of them, this behavior will stop. Then when the cops come, everyone dummies up except for laying all the blame where it belongs…on the Muslim.

    • I worked in the Middle East for 7 years: THEY ARE NOT LIKE US!! You are absolutely correct: it is their current culture to respect only physical aggression. There’s a lot of confusion in the US right now, hesitation, because we are slow to accept that a) those people don’t think like us, and b) while we think of not standing up for ourselves physically as ‘civilized’, they consider it a green light for further physical abuse. The only thing that will stop them is for each individual to be beaten down (immediately, severely) for stepping out of line. It will take many generations of them as a minority here before they might become integrated. Too many of them and we can kiss that integration goodbye.

  5. Europe has spent the last 400 years invading and stealing from other countries. People are out of patience with being bombed by European forces and have gone on the counter attack to subdue Europe. The Europe that once existed is being finally destroyed so more people can live in more peace.

    • Really?! Do you have your head that far in the sand?
      You need to learn the real history.

      The Crusades were in response to Islam and out of over 400 battles initiated by them, only 5 to 8 battles by the Crusaders were initiated them.

      You need to check A Rational Study of Radical Islam, by Dr. Bill Warner and Brigitte Gabriel- Truth About Islam. Truth About Quran, Muhammad, & Allah. World Caliphate Coming and Robert Spencer – Islam Unveiled_ Disturbing Questions About the World’s Fastest-Growing Faith on YouTube.

      Then you should check out “With Open Gates” and A warning to America and Israel from an ex-Muslim.

      Killing and raping by Europeans- not so fast. It is ISIS that just released a guide on how you rape and treat your sex slaves.

      You must be a troll or at the very least you condone Islam.

  6. And the islamic monkeys have spent the last millennium trying to get into Europe simply because their shitty religion tells them to. They’ve been trying to get through Spain and the Balkans and were stopped numerous times.

    People are not out of patience being bombed. The Syrian president himself asked Russia for help, for example. Muslims are so dumb they can’t even stand each-other. That’s why they’ve been fighting with plastic chairs when they arrived. Sunnis and shia. ISIS is the one that turned against them. Though Europe has its faults, your statement is grossly exaggerated.

    • Epic response, Dan! Islamic forces have been invading Europe for 1300 years! Despite their endless wars of conquest, the West showed the Moslems oil, bringing them out of the Dark Ages. They were burning camel dung and living in tents! Our influence allowed them to build modern cities with electricity and plumbing. Their goal has always been world domination and forced conversion.

  7. Dan, great article. The truth you convey is infuriating and sad…and of course it’s shocking, in particular to those who have not been paying attention and are just now waking up, to those liberals who have tried steadfastly to deny the existence of the problem, and to those who, in the face of the facts, no longer can maintain that boneheaded position, simply by refusing to debate it.

    You write, “it’s not the migrants we should be afraid of, it’s our own kind… Because they’re the ones letting them in.” But I’d bet you don’t really mean to exonerate the migrants from their transgressions, so how about changing that to read, “it’s not just the migrants we should be afraid of, it’s also our own kind”… Because as you point out, the evidence is in, and the evidence is undeniable: it IS the migrants themselves causing problems, with the unconscionable, inexplicable implied and actual assent of European governments themselves.


  8. THE HARD COLD facts are these muslims at least of the conseravtive kind DONT WANT TO BECOME AMERICANS they WANT to destroy this country and turn it into another 3rd world shit hole

  9. You can’t “save” people, they have to SAVE themselves. In the in end if you throw your life away to intercede FOR THEM, they will hate you and take your efforts and lives for granted and in the end, you ill have accomplished nothing, the same old paradigm will continue on. until they have bled suffered and been raped enough, they will do NOTHING, an wait for someone else to come along and save them. Bitter pill of truth there…

    • You can’t “save” people, they have to SAVE themselves.

      In the end if you throw your life away to intercede FOR THEM, they will hate you and take your efforts and lives for granted and in the end you will have accomplished nothing, the same old paradigm will continue on. You cannot GIVE FREEDOM and SECURITY to anyone, they have to WANT IT bad enough for themselves that they will put their OWN lives at risk to DEFEND themselves.

      Until they have bled, suffered, been killed and been raped enough, they will do NOTHING, AND all the while waiting for someone else to come along and save them.

      Bitter pill of truth there…

    there was a time when people came here BECAUSE they WANTED to be AMERICANS
    now they come here for the free stuff and to try to turn this once great country into where they came from in other words just another 3rd world shit hole
    the hard fact is this and this scares me to even WRITE this
    im afraid we WILL have to go to war to stop this and this will be another civil war
    only this one will make the first look like a girl scout cook out
    i PRAY TO GOD IM WRONG but the way things are unfolding it dont look good

  11. The problem with refugees, even many from Mexico and Central America, is that they make poor future citizens. The very act of abandoning their country of birth, rather than working to effect desirable change, attests to my statement. A patriot will put his body between evil and his country, a coward flees. Hard statement but proven true time and time again.

  12. I was hopmg for more from a site I was led to as one of the ‘top 50’ websites for Preppers/survivalists.

    These comments are a real eye opener. Planning to survive a SHTF scenario would involve having to live and possibly build a new society with people of all backgrounds. I did not anticipate how restricted it would be. The fact that the USA is made up of the descendants of illegal immigrants (albeit from 250 years ago) are already so quick to blanket entire masses of people for problems that have existed for Millenia. Does it mean that the founding fathers were people who ‘abandoned the country of their birth’ ?

    I am sad that I have visited a site where I thought I could find practical information about prepping but instead have stumbled upon a platform for pure ignorance and short sightedness.

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