Equipment Review: ProTec Elite Firearm Light 190 Lumens

For home protection I like having a light on my pistol. I like being able to grab my Smith & Wesson M&P9 to respond to a possible zombie  infiltration or a werewolf prowling around.

The ProTec arrived in the blister pack as above.

The ProTec Elite HP190 firearm light attaches to most any firearm which has a picatinny rail. I found the CREE Q5 LED lamp throws out the 190 lumens with a pretty focused beam. I like that. Plenty of brightness for its intended purpose. No doubt an intruder would certainly have their vision negatively impacted with this thing pointing in their direction.

One of the specifics of the ProTec that I really like is how small it is. Compact is a good term. There are weapon lights that are smaller and there are certainly many out there that are larger and heavier. I am in the process of building a “lightweight” AR and can see this could be a good candidate for the project.

Comparison between two light solutions for my current AR.

As part of my initial review I tried the light on a couple of pistols:

First I placed the light on my S&W M&P9 9mm pistol. It fit securely however it did have some wobble. Although I feel this would not be an issue I would rather have it fit a bit more tightly. I fired a little over 100 rounds through my M&P with no issues. Of note the light and sights aligned well with the point of impact slightly high.

Next I placed the ProTec Elite HP190 on my wife’s Sig Mosquito .22LR rimfire pistol.  I swear these two were made for each other. It fit snug and snapped into place. Point of impact is right in the center of the light at 7 yards.

Controls are simple. There is a switch that is slid from left to right just outside the trigger guard to turn the light on and off. Also – repeated switch activates a strobe function. The switch is easily accessed with my right index finger.

This unit takes 1 CR123 battery and life expectancy is rated at 3 hours. I have not confirmed.

I consider the value as excellent as it provides very good performance for a low price.




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  1. I’ve had plenty of people who are of the “shoot at the light” school of thought. Yes, thats advisable however as you pointed out Rourke “if you can see”. You shouldn’t be using a weapon light as a flashlight, you need be be flashing the light to get your bearings. In absolute darkness even a 120 lumen light is blinding on the receiving end. My G21 and my night carbine both have strong “strobe-able” lights on them.

    Good review! Any idea of water resistance? Good in the rain? After dropped in a puddle? I don’t expect it to be SEAL waterproof at less than $40, but resistant would be good.

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