Equipment Review: Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

I am in the process of putting together a new bug out/get home kit. The revision of my kit comes from my recent bout with severe lower back pain. Although my back is better I have put some thought into changing things to reduce weight. When my back was really bothering me the pain was agonizing and my mind wandered into to several “What if’s?“.  Having to trek on foot for several miles to hundred miles or so would be difficult with my condition. To make things a bit easier I want to put together a very lightweight pack.

One of the items I started looking at some websites that highlight camping gear testing and came across Grand Trunk as a quality brand of hammocks. I love hammocks and have slept in them before. Looking for lightweight equipment the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock caught my eye. I ordered it up.

A few days later my box arrived and I checked it out. It is absolutely “ultralight” and very compact. It comes with its own attached storage bag. I took that hammock and strung it up between two trees. Pretty simple and straightforward.  I climbed in and that was it. No rocket science. No crazy special techniques or instructions required.

I am impressed with the Grand Trunk Ultralight. Simple to put up and is comfortable. Another observation that I think is a big benefit is that it is roomy. I mean this thing is really wide and can hold me and additional equipment with no problem. Also of note is that it is absolutely NOT water resistant so additional tarps or protection is necessary.

In summary – I paid less than $20.00 and am impressed. I may pick up a couple more for additional family member kits.

High Recommendation.


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  1. The VC used heavy duty bicycles to move 400 pounds of rice through the jungles! Many places in Eastern Europe people still use 2 wheeled carts (people or animal powered) to move loads around the country.

    Take the load off of you and put it on wheels.

    I use a Great Plains Wagon to move stuff around. It folds into a reasonably small space, has a 500 pound load capacity, and is under $200.
    I am looking to upgrade to a Little Giant Wagon – 3,500 pound capacity (a lot more money though).

    Wagons have 4 wheels. Carts have 2. Either way, it takes a load off your back.

    Cool idea about the hammock. Feet up is always my preferred position to watch the world go by.

  2. Rourke, I have one of these and also the skeeter beater pro with the skeeter cover. Grand trunk also makes the funky forest tarp to go with their hammocks and it works very well.

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