Equipment Review: Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit with 4 Goal Zero AA Batteries

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I recently purchased a Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit with Battery Pack. Over the past two weeks I have had an opportunity to trial it several times and so far am very impressed.

The Guide 10 Adventure Kit combines a small dual solar panel kit with a multi-purpose battery charging system. The complete kit provides a solution to those who look to charge cell phones, batteries and other electronic devices while camping, backpacking, or without power.

The kit consists of two main components:

First is the Nomad 7 solar panels. These solar panels are wrapped in a very durable fabric case which folds and velco’s shut. Within the case there is a USB charging port, a 12 volt DC charging port and an included 12V power port adapter.

Included next is the Goal Zero 10 Guide 10 USB Power Pack. The power pack comes with 4 AA rechargeable batteries. Once hooked up to the Nomad 7  solar kit the batteries can be charged. Also on the power pack is a small LED light which can shine for up to 20 hours when batteries are fully charged. The battery pack also has a USB port which to charge other devices.

Putting everything together the system is complete and batteries can be charged as well as other devices. Pretty much anything that can be charged by being plugged into a USB port or vehicle power port can be charged with this complete Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit with Battery Pack.

Part of my experimentation and testing involved charging several sets of AA batteries of varying capacities. I found that in bright sunlight 4 AA rechargeable batteries could be fully charged within 2 hours. I consider that pretty good. Next – I used a fully charged USB Power Pack to charge my non-“smartphone” cell phone. It worked just fine. Next I tried to charge my wife’s iPhone 4 and again – no problem.

Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit with 4 Goal Zero AA Batteries
Set up and charging USB Power Pack


I see my main use for the Adventure Kit to charge AA batteries. AA batteries are my main battery supply. Cell phone charging as well as charging other devices such as a Kindle will be kept in mind.

I have been very impressed with the fit, function, and quality of the kit. Being able to place the panels on a backpack while hiking or set out in the sun while at the beach and charge batteries – just awesome.

Running around $100 – I find it a good value.

For purchasing information – click HERE.


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4 thoughts on “Equipment Review: Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit with 4 Goal Zero AA Batteries”

  1. i also recently purchased a zero guide 10 at costco my came with a female cigarette adapter and a speaker, only charged 1 time so far seems very, only thing I see is it doesn’t come with a adapter for my samsung phone found adapter on amazon for $24.97

  2. Excellent information and repost, thank you. If I may add some food for thought? I’ve thought about this over and over again. I realize there are some other similar devices that could use a re-charge also. My thinking was, what would be the point of keeping a phone when the SHTF. I.e, have something to charge, because when it hits the fan. You cannot use them due to the comms being turned off by your carrier. Now for a natural disaster there is a clear use. Anyway, I knew there were some important uses out of this mini-computer if you will and there are some. Some websites, ( I believe this one also) have put links to useful apps that once installed do no require “network” access to anything. Hence, the purpose of re-charging your cell phone. Some of these are a little pricey and I also realize throwing money at a prep is not always the answer. It just seems that some things are worth a good attainable price sense we are all not rich.

    So, are some provoking thoughts and links. Thoughts please?

    Communication through texting:

    Thermal imaging (that doesn’t cost $6,000)

    Military spec case to protect the phone. Depending on your phone and what provider. Don’t just get it from ebay. It could be a knock off. Military spec can take a 6 foot drop, it’s dust proof, snow proof, water proof, shock proof.

  3. A little follow up on phone cases. Speaking of Military spec cases to protect your phone. Personally, I would not own an Iphone, but you can buy cases from this vendor for most phones.

    The ultimate drop test? iPhone 6 is sent 100,000ft up to the edge of space.



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