ENTRY #13 & #14: SHTF “Go To” Knife photo contest

Here are a few entries in the MSO SHTF “Go To” Knife contest. The best one selected will win a Gerber Machete Pro.

I am not looking for a picture of a knife laying on the kitchen counter – somehow make it unique and interesting. Set your entry apart from the rest. This could be something unique with the picture or maybe the description – or both.

Send your contest entries to emergencycd(at)gmail.com. Make sure to include the picture and tell me a little about why you have chosen this as your SHTF knife.


The contest will run through March 1st. Each entry will be presented here on ModernSurvivalOnline. Anyone entering the contest must be willing to supply their name and address should they win the so it can be shipped to them.

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“The Perry Blade”

By The Coach, Contributing Editor

I was looking for a heavy duty, well-built SHTF knife that I could bet my life on and not fail when I needed it the most. A knife that I could not only use as a weapon but a multipurpose knife that could be used to split fire wood, build shelters and spear shafts, clean and quarter game and fish, build traps and for the hundreds of other chores that a knife would be needed for in a SHTF situation. For those reasons I chose “The Perry Blade” as my SHTF go to knife. (See below photo)


The Perry Blade” was designed by Mel Perry. Mel Perry is a retired Warrant Officer that served with the British 22nd Special Air Service, (S.A.S.) for 27 years.

The Perry Blade is designed as a full tang, Survival/Fighting knife.

The knife has a bellied type clipped blade. This bellied front part of the knife blade gives the knife a powerful chopping stroke. There is a serrated edge on part of the spine of the blade. That serration cuts through rope, webbing and gristle with ease.

I wrapped 11.25 feet of black paracord around the gray Micarta handle of the knife. This paracord has a multitude of uses in a SHTF situation.

The steel butt of the knife is squared off so that it can be used as a hammer. There is also a lanyard hole in the butt of the knife for additional security and retention of the knife.

The knife has an overall length of 13 ¾ inches. The cutting edge is 8 ¾ inches. The knife weighs 19 ounces and is finished in Black DuPont Teflon. “The Perry Blade is made from 3/16inch (4.5mm) thick X460Cr13 420 stainless steel

The Perry Blade is an extremely versatile, well built and durable knife that surpasses ALL of my personal requirements and expectations.

*   *   *   *   * 

 From B.M.

My go to knife is my Cold Steel Recon Tanto. It is very sharp with a thick backbone. Great for cutting, chopping, and stabbing zombies in the head!! I keep it by my seat in my truck.




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2 thoughts on “ENTRY #13 & #14: SHTF “Go To” Knife photo contest”

  1. I have always liked that Perry blade, but it always hovered a bit out of my price range. The features are pretty good, especially that hammer pommel.

    We never owned a Recon Tanto of our own, but gave one to a friend for Christmas, many moons ago, when they were the original carbon V steel. Very nice knife.


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