ENTER: The Coach….new Contributing Editor

I am pleased to announce that we have a new Contributing Editor  – The Coach. The Coach may not be unfamiliar to long-time readers as he has already contributed several articles in the past. As I continue to solidify experts in a variety of prepper-related subjects and fields I am pleased that The Coach has come on board.

Here is a short bio:

The Coach was in the U. S. Coast Guard for four (4) years. While in the Coast Guard he was a Coxswain in command of a 40 foot patrol boat with a three (3) man crew. He conducted search and rescue and law enforcement missions in southeast Louisiana area.

The Coach then went into law enforcement. He was a street police officer, full time state certified firearms instructor, detective, S.W.A.T. Team Leader, rescue team member and worked with the Community Relations Division. After forty (40) years, The Coach retired from Law Enforcement.

The Coach enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, traveling, photography, writing, reading and teaching his two grandsons all of the before mentioned activities.

The Coach has been an avid survivalist/prepper for over forty-five (45) years. He enjoys teaching friends and family about prepping.

The Coach also enjoys writing articles on his prepping and survival experiences.


Check out some of The Coach’s previous articles:


Please join me in welcoming The Coach to the ModernSurvivalOnline family…..





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  1. Coach, love your articles. Always in depth and not just something haphazardly thrown together for a deadline. Maybe with your experience you could share some ideas on how to defeat the rogue police when they try to invade our castles when TSHTF.

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