Enter New Contributing Editor: Wolf

Wolf, Contributing Editor, Patriot, Minuteman, SheepdogModernSurvivalOnline has a new Contributing Editor – Wolf. I am very thankful and encouraged to have Wolf on board. I know Wolf personally and he is a Patriot, a Sheepdog, and the epitome of what being a Minuteman is all about..

Wolf is a native of NC. After graduation high school, he joined the US Army where he qualified for his “Jump-Wings” and Air Assault Badge.  He also qualified as an “Expert” with the Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, and Grenade, just to name a few types of firearms/weapons. After two years, he crossed over into the US Air Force, where once again, he qualified as “Expert” with the Rifle and Pistol. Wolf also worked with and along side of the Emergency Response Teams(ERT), the military’s version of SWAT as well as Combat Search and Rescue Teams while stationed in different overseas locations.

Currently, Wolf runs a Firearms Instruction company based just north of Charlotte, NC where he teaches some of the skills he learned while service his country.  The courses he offers range from Basic Firearms Instruction up to full Tactical Response and a WROL/SHTF Weekend Courses.

I will be publishing Wolf’s first contribution shortly.

Welcome Wolf!



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