Enjoyable day on a 4×4 ATV…

This past Sunday I borrowed a friends ATV to go off-roading with a longtime friend. This was not my first time on an ATV and it was an absolute blast.

I pulled the KINGQUAD 400 to Carolina Adventure World here in South Carolina. Place is awesome. They have tons trails with difficulty levels that run from relaxing to extremely difficult. Recent rain provided some big puddles to run through. Unfortunately one “puddle” ended up being about 3 feet deep and the front end of my 4-wheeler sank into the deep mud as I entered it. I called my buddy over to give me a pull and I was able to back out.


I drove all day – probably close to 6 hours – and the needle on the gas gauge barely dropped below FULL. There is little doubt that an ATV offers up an excellent transportation option for after a SHTF situation. Yeah – I know – gas only lasts so long. For short to medium term situations an ATV can transport people and supplies, as well as haul heavy objects such as logs and downed animals. Incredibly rugged – I am amazed at the durability and shear abuse these machines can take.


Beyond the survival applications afforded by ATV’s and similar vehicles they are flat out fun. Driving through nature and enjoying God’s creation, well – it just doesn’t get much better.


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  1. Rourke, here is an idea for a story….where i live in a SHTF situation, I am taking 4×4 jeep trails that regular cars cant travel on to my BOL. Here in the intermountain west, mountains go up to approx. 11,000 feet. And my BOL is on the other side of the range right out my back door. And there are a few trails that go up and over to the area I need to get. Sure, lots of people know the trails and only a few have a vehicle that would make it, but they are in the same mind set as I. 4×4 off roading is fun, and also a skill for SHTF to get you where you may need to get to with out having to take the Interstate.
    Just saying

  2. The ATV is very much a go anywhere vehicle. I’ve taken mine up and down places it is tough to stand, much less travel over.

    But, at the same time, there are some basic “rules” to be aware of.

    NEVER put your feet down on the ground, especially when you’re moving. The tires will try to climb up your legs, just like any other obstacle.

    ALWAYS keep your eyes open if things get dicey. If you roll or flip you have to see what is happening and push the quad away while it isn’t on top of you, before it lands on you. Usually this happens “side hill” or up and down too steep an incline with too much power and/or speed.

    It is tempting to overload the front and rear racks, everyone does, me included. Be aware if you usually ride with it unloaded that it handles way different, especially in turning or side-hill conditions. I’ve seen other quads roll to the bottom of some long hills, more than once.

    All that being said, I would not be without one. A winch is almost a must have item. Though we really needed it only once, when a buddy sunk in mud to the floorboard in an ALMOST dry lake bottom, it took 3 quads with winches and tow straps to get it free.

    Getting into and out of areas for hunting or retrieving game is easier and faster. Again, in places a big 4×4 truck may get stuck, a 4×4 quad just rolls in and out.

    Have fun. But, pay attention, too.

  3. I finally, just recently found the 4X4 I have been looking for. 600 Grizzly, right price ($1600 w/$900 worth of new tires), needs a bit of work but runs great. Within two days it had: IR lighting for my AN/PVS 14, GPS, and a large, water proof, military drop box rear rack mounted, and a custom splinter pattern paint job. Already has a double rifle rack in front. I am on the edge of a 2600 acre preserve, this will be my last ditch bail out vehicle, loaded and ready to go. Lights out driving is a real trip and takes some training! Regards, D.

  4. I might need to check that place out, never really been off road with my rancher except for doing dough nuts in a wet garden during the winter.

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