EMP Weapon developed by North Korea?

Fellow blogger over at ModernSurvivalBlog wrote up a post about the following –

An EMP attack is one of the most feared methods of TSHTF for me. Unfortuately – I also believe it is one of the most likely. Imagine a total collapse of the power grid along with most all electronic equipment ceasing to funtion. Got those fancy GMRS radio’s? – don’t work. Got that 4 wheeel drive bug out vehicle? – don’t work. Of course – there would be no grocery stores open, no fast food drive thru’s, banks would be closed, and life as we know it would cease.

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  1. Rourke, Something is wrong with the post. Most of the article is missing. I found the original post but your side is having problems.

    • Thanks Badvoodoodaddy –

      Not sure what happened to the entire post. I had a much longer post ready to go that had been spell checked and complete. Hmmmm……might be the North Korean governemtn infiltrated my server.

      Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  2. Ever notice how all N Koea’s missile tests always fail? Unless they send the weapons by FEDEX, we’ve got little to worry about for the time being.

  3. Your 4 wheel drive bug out vehicle will work just fine if it was made in 1966 or B-4. Just keep a spare dry battery in a faraday cage or better yet, figure out how to make your whole garage into a faraday cage. If you need one an old microwave oven that is well grounded will work just fine. If you need gas there will be plenty of idle cars sitting around to siphon from.

  4. I have all of my electronics (radios, lights, 12vdc refrigerator, batteries, etc.) in metal Faraday cages. This should protect them from an EMP attack and render them available for use in the first year or two following the attack, or until my battery supply runs out.

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