Economic concerns reflected in stock market

In just the past two days the stock market has had the worst drop since 2008. On Thursday the Dow plunged 391 points – with mid-day drops as much as 540 points.

Unemployment remains a serious concern. The Federal Reserve’s negative outlook and ridiculous reaction to the economy is not helping matters. The overall Global Economy continues to struggle. President Obama’s Job Plan is being viewed as a “non-idea” and has little chance of success.

Basically – the S is H(itting)TF. Slowly but surely it is happening.

Time will tell. As the economy continues to struggle it will become more obvious what the outcome will be. How long will the economy continue to drag along before it just collapses from exhaustion? Who knows. I want to believe that it can turn around – but at the moment I just do not see it. Is it possible? I think…….barely.

Normally the market would rebound and in a big way after such a drop on Wednesday and Thursday. Will be interesting.

Keep prepp’n!


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  1. Rourk, I do feel we are circling the drain. With the possibility of Q3 coming, it will help some to at least get on the prepping wagon ASAP. It’s like the mechanic looking at a car that needs repair, “pay me now or pay later”, the longer you wait the more it will cost. I building some rabbit cages, enough for 3-4 does and a buck (New Zealand – Californians) good meat stock, the other white meat and I know what goes into them, plus I can use there manure in my garden compost. It’s a low impact in expensive way to provide for your family. California is expensive!!

  2. Of course there are many things that influence the markets. One of the big reasons the market has dropped so is the EU and the failing economies of Greece and others. Currently a 5th of the worlds GDP is invested / used to buy US treasuries / finance our dept. Makes the markets very nervous if it looks like that financing is drying up.

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