Ebola Information from AlertUSA Threat Journal

Via the latest issue from ThreatJournal.com:

Infected Nurse Exposes Hundreds In Multiple States
Obama to Bring Foreign Ebola Victims to U.S.
National Guard and Reserve Activated


Between Oct 12-17, 2014, AlertsUSA issued the following
related Flash messages to subscriber mobile devices:

10/17 – FLASH: Dallas healthcare worker who cared for US Ebola index patient T. Duncan reportedly ill w Ebola symptoms on cruise ship off coast of Belize. Developing..

10/16 – AlertsUSA has confirmed Pres. Obama will issue exec order enabling deployment of Natl Guard forces to at least one W. African country in battle against Ebola.

10/16 – TX gov officials to sign disaster declaration over Ebola threat. Move allows broad travel restrictions to be placed on exposed persons being monitored.

10/15 – CDC: New Ebola case flew from Cleveland to Dallas on Frontier Airlines Flt 1143 on Oct 13, night before presenting w/ symptoms. CDC searching for passengers.

10/15 – Overnight: Second health care worker in Texas tests positive for Ebola.

10/14 – USGOV to announce effort estab national network of dedicated Ebola treatment facilities. Will incl specific hospitals and defense installations. Developing..

10/13 – CDC Director: Concern over addl Ebola cases with healthcare workers involved with treatment of U.S. index patient Thomas Eric Duncan and other close contacts.

10/12 – Healthcare worker tests positive for Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Indiv helped care for index patient Thomas Duncan.

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From Rourke: I am sure the above information will be outdated in short order however looking at this timeline it certainly makes you wonder what it will look like a year from now.

I have continued to state that I believe the “outbreak” in the United States will be contained – UNLESS cases start popping up in cities other than Dallas. Certainly the events in Dallas have been concerning and do not provide an overwhelming sense of confidence in the CDC’s ability to extinguish Ebola in the United States.


More Ebola cases coming to the United States?

The Obama Administration continues to disallow travel restrictions which would go a long way to reduce the chances of further Ebola importations domestically. They state that travel restrictions could possibly increase the chance of spreading Ebola further. Reasons given such as reducing the ability for healthcare workers to travel is ridiculous as there would still be charter flights and military. The number traveling between infected and non-infected countries would be diminished greatly – which would NOT increase chances of Ebola spreading.

Obama just signed an Executive Order providing an avenue for the Pentagon to send National Guardsmen to Ebola-infected areas. This provides another avenue for Ebola infected individuals to enter the United States.

Additionally – and I struggle to see ANY logic in this and possibly it is not even true – there is a report that the Obama Administration is considering plans to bring Ebola infected patients to the United States early in their diagnosis. By the way – these are “non-citizens”.

Lastly – the CDC bungling of the Dallas event shows just what is possible. Not only did an infected nurse fly after exposure but now someone on a cruise ship is under quarantine. Early news is that the person is simply a lab worker that handled blood tests and that the quarantining of the individual with NO symptoms is an incredible overreaction. Lets hope so.

Consider what could happen if an infected individual running a fever is just one of 4600 people packed onto a cruise ship for a few days. All those on board return to port and their home towns scattered across the nation.

At a minimum – concerning.

Take care all –



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  1. Even my daughter and her ex are talking about prepping with this news. I’m allocating more funds to my food storage so we can self quarantine for months if necessary.

  2. Now it appears the pentagon is putting a 30 member team to be able to get to an outbreak in the states within 72 hours. It seems sci-fi movies are becoming a reality.

    • John P –

      I saw that too. I guess they need something like that to respond quickly to minimize and/or stop the spread as quickly as possible. Going to be interesting if there are more positive test results.

  3. Well at least the US Army has seasoned men and woman who have worked with Ebola in Africa and in the US in the outbreak of the Ebola Reston strain in Va .This is all validated in two books The Hot Zone and The Ebola Virus by Kris Hirschmann(concise,well documented and exc. photos) -written in 2007
    We all must remember that Obamas roots-Africa are tainting his protection of US citizens.We cannot allow infected people to be brought.
    off subject- We must also stop the harrassment of Pastors in Texas-anyone in Texas
    please inform us re whats happening there .

  4. Remember also that MOST VIRUSES become rampant when the cold weather arrives.
    We had a hard frost and a temp of 26 last night here in the NorthEast.
    Harriet see your daughter is influenced by you !! Our adult daughter came home
    with an extra thermometer last night and bleach.She loves to travel and when she said I wouldnt travel anywhere by train,plane or rail I knew the Ebola thing was serious !
    Rick you are right on. Arlene

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