EastCoastPatriot’s Preparedness Seminar

Hello all –

On February 20th my 12 year son and I attended a preparedness seminar in Edgefield, South Carolina put on by “eastcoastpatriot” who has an awesome YouTube Channel.

This event was simply awesome. I would estimate somewhere around 50 – 60 were in attendance. Having all of these like-minded people together in one place was thrilling. I met numerous people that from various parts of the southeast. One person in attendance had driven 10 hours coming all the way from Ohio.

What really excited me about this event and all these people is the acknowledgement that I am not alone. I know that sounds crazy as this site has over 1,000 readers daily – but to connect with people one on one in person – this was a first for me. I met a few people that came up to me and said “Oh, your Rourke? Hey man I read your blog everyday!”. Wow – I was so surprised. I will tell you something – to have that happened has really motivated me.

EastCoastPatriot put on a great presentation that covered the basics of preparedness. It was thorough and gave me several idea’s for future posts. The presentation left little doubt that he knows his stuff. If you have not checked out his channel – please do. His enthusiasm for preparedness and helping others is contagious.

Also in attendance were several YouTube “celebrities”. These included Sootch00, Engineer775, and SouthernPrepper1. It was great meeting these guys both before and after the presentation. At the end of the presentation EastCoastPatriot asked the trio to come up to the front and participate in a short Questions & Answer session with the audience. Needless to say I took advantage and jumped to ask the first question. Simply awesome to have this collective knowledge all in one place (plus me of course!).

There were several door prizes given away as well as an announcement that these meetings would continue. I know for myself if there is any way to make them – I will be there.

I hope to be able to spend more time during future events to get more into conversations related to what motivated people into prepping. That always interests me.

I will be making an announcement here as to when the next meeting will take place. Also – if you know of any similar meetings in your area – shoot me an email and I will gladly announce it here.

Take care all –


PS – EastCoastPatriot also announced that he has a new website and some really cool t-shirts. Check it out here – http://eastcoastpatriot.com/.

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