Don’t own a gun? No better time than now!

Seems like there are more and more terrible events happening where some mentally-unstable person takes the lives of innocent citizens via a mass shooting. When it happens it makes national news and the anti-gun movement gets a huge boost of both money, and public support. I do see gun control measures increasing substantially within the next several years. A few more headlines of people getting killed by “evil guns” and gun control measures will be all the talk in Congress. Even those in support of the 2nd Amendment may make concessions in an effort to stay in office when the next round of elections come around. 


Why own firearms? Pretty simple- protection. Take a look at the evidence: In New Orleans and surrounding areas after Hurricane Katrina massive looting and crime spread like wildfire as low-life’s took advantage of the lack of law enforcement and prayed on innocent victims.  In a disaster – whether it be an economic collapse or wide spread power outage – you must be able to defend yourself, your family, and your property.

The point of this post is not to provide instruction and ideas on what guns to have but rather to serve as a reminder that guns are an integral part of anyone’s survival and preparedness system. Everyone has unique situations which may dictate one firearm selection over another. Regardless – find what works for you, buy it, get training, and stock up.

If you never need it……great! You have it.

If you end up needing it and don’t have it……well……..



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  1. I totally agree brother JR

    ISIS and others of there kind are bent on projecting there Sharia were ever they go and there primary target is the Western world, the other moderate Muslim nations are just a bump in the road. Added to that we are seeing south american refugees as well. all of them bringing there horror with them like a petulance.

    Also we have domestic lunatics doing these mass killings, No one asks if all these not jobs are taking psychotropic medications, I would bet most of them are.

    Our country if following Hitler’s plan of the 1930’s, It’s scary to see how much inline they are following it.

    Just as cooler weather and the changing color of leaves tells us the season is changing, Fall is coming.

    In the world we see ISIS, Corrupted govt’s, Illegal’s, Financial systems crumbling, the things you see are your (warning orders), The time is now and your window is closing.

    1. My mother used a German Mauser K98 to stand guard over our family during the riots of the 60’s

    2. In my teen’s I repaid that debt by watching over my family through the night when a crazed man threatened our family, I used the same Mauser.

    3. In my 20’s, When a Gang threatened my mother, I was perched on the roof providing over watch as the gangs cars circled our house till around 4 am, that time I had an HK-91

    4. On a hunting trip a fellow took aim near me an put a round in the dirt (stupid), I thought perhaps there was a deer near me I didn’t see. I put a round over his head and Yelled at him my next round had his name on it, I had a Remington 742 in 30-06 at that time.

    I am alive today because of being armed, enough said.


  2. I have no problems with legal immigrants to our country, they did it by the numbers.
    It’s the others who cheat there way through that are the problem

  3. TO ALL,
    Did you know that when swearing in new US citizens, they don’t have to swear to allegiance and defend the Constitution anymore? WHAT?? No allegiance? Don’t have to defend the US against enemies Foreign and Domestic?

  4. I worry I won’t be able to buy anyone or face the possibly of getting confiscated since I’m a disabled veteran who seeks mental health for my PTSD. Belong to the NRA and have permits to own and carry. A proud gun owner who is now worried.

  5. John, Badger, totally agree with you both. Dumbama I believe relishes in acts like the UCC shooting as the first thing he does is talk about the evil gun and not the person pulling the trigger, between political correctness and the closing of institutions for people with mental illness it appears they are fostering events like this.

  6. It sounds like the religion of peace strikes again in a gun-free zone brought to you by moron liberals. The America hating communist Trojan Horse Muslim usurper is already spouting off about more gun control. Hmm Russia is hammering the Muslims in Syria after telling the White House impostor to stay out of his way and we can hear a pin drop on the subject … and then this happens? Coincidence?
    I agree that the time draws near where you better have what you need to defend yourselves from the animals the usurper is importing. The storm clouds are gathering.

  7. Forgot to mention that I heard that the shooting occurred in the same small town that one of the heroes that stopped that Muslim maggot on the train in France a while back was from. Again… coincidence?

  8. John, the argument that we need to address mental illness to me is a fallacy. Instead, look at each of the incidents…ok, these people I will admit don’t march to a regular drumbeat. But, although I have not done the research, I’ll bet that these attacks began increasing after the liberals removed God out of our schools and began attacking Christianity. Also, look at the health of the traditional family. With the two things linked, you have families which are dysfunctional for a variety of reasons, you have a society which denies God and you end up with a society with no morals. All you have to do is walk thru a mall to see examples of this. When people have no moral compass, they stray. If this country wants to fix a problem, then to me, this is where to start. But of course, our government wants the degradation of the American way, so I think this is going to be a steep uphill battle.

    • Badger,
      It was reported on WHO Radio broadcast of conservative news talk Simon Conway. I believe it was last week I heard it discussed.

  9. I feel ya, Kevin! The VA has been used for “Backdoor” gun control by the Obama Administration. They have ILLEGALLY declared many PTSD suffering veterans as “Incompetent”, removing their 2nd Amendment Rights. I would be very careful what I said to any of the Doctors or Psychiatrists at the VA Medical Centers. I go to a Vet’s Center, which is NOT a hospital. I think a lot of the scam that they are pulling is related to anti-anxiety medication. If veterans can avoid the pills, they should be free from scrutiny. GOOD LUCK, BROTHER! My personal weapons for combating bad memories are Faith and sense of Right & Wrong. I will NOT allow Liberals to make me feel guilty about my service to the nation!

  10. I suspect that there will always be a sufficiently large enough supply of bad people to warrant being well armed. I’m fortunate to live in a state that doesn’t feel the need to infringe much on our 2nd amendment rights, not everyone is so lucky. We’ve just witnessed another tragic reminder of how quickly the promised safety of “gun free zones” can turn into a mass slaughter. On display in the aftermath with the typical hand wringing about gun control is the proof that some will never learn. I’m not locked into an ideology on gun control, I don’t have beliefs about gun control, I have opinions, opinions shaped by fact. My opinions are pliable, if you have data that contradicts my opinions then lets have it. So far I haven’t heard anything that doesn’t turn even more people into helpless victims. When the gun grabbers point to incidences like what happened at Oregon community college and plead that we must do something about “G U N S”, I point to places like New York, Detroit, Oakland, Chicago and so many other places where their utopian ideas are already in practice, where everyone is a hen hoping the wolf doesn’t single them out. No thanks, I’ll keep my guns and I’ll carry my pistol everywhere I go. It doesn’t guarantee that I won’t someday become a victim, but unlike the students at Umpqua, I’ll have a chance…..

  11. My family calls ‘gun free zones’ shoot me zones. And we now have a sheriff calling to end that experiment in stupidity. Me, I avoid nanny states and any so called gun free zones. A daughter is a physician and reports many of her colleagues covertly carry in the gun free hospitals. No fools there.

  12. Since my wife and I were married over 35 years ago, we came early on in our marriage, that WE would need to already have firearms on board, in order to pass them on to our grand children. We have been strident in this particular endeavor, and continue to exercise OUR Constitutional Rights to ensure that our grandchildren and THEIR families can at least protect themselves, and their own families. We see nothing “wrong” at all in this practice. We also have strived to train our children and grandchildren (now), that show them that they have responsibilities while living in this Republic and that standing up for what is right and true, demands certain specific behaviors for us as a God loving people.
    After a career in law enforcement in the most populous West Coast state, we finally were able to re-locate to a much more friendly Second Amendment supporting state, and have not looked back at all. Yes, we miss friends and the ocean, we will visit and do, but are always grateful we can and still do take our own protection as OUR Divine Responsibility to protect ourselves, family and home from predation and violent predators. Firearms are merely a tool to be used for sport, recreation, hunting and because we CAN legally and without encroachment from a tyrannical despot and his minions and Party-hacks. We trained our children (and now grand kids) that “Gun-Free Zones” should be viewed as a “corral for predators to partake” from. Gun-Free Zones are a false-illusion of False Security and are THE most soft-targets for all predators to hunt in. Keep the faith, fight the GOOD fight, and never give in, never give up.

  13. For the month of September Chicago had 362 shooting victims of which 59 died. Year to date Chicago has had 2327 shooting victims of which 349 have died. These stats are an hour old, they have likely gone up since. So far this year Chicago police have seized nearly 5000 guns they deemed to be illegal. There’s no way to know how many of those guns uses where intended as protection by their otherwise law abiding citizens. Like LA, New York city, Detroit and others, Chicago is essentially a “gun free zone”. The reality is that all these ” gun free zones” are in fact war zones. The FBI’s own report on Chicago’s gun free zone experiment suggests it has created a crisis ~ a murderer’s sanctuary capital in the United States! The left’s claim is that all the less restrictive gun laws in surrounding areas are the real problem, yet these less restrictive areas have no where near the gun violence. In fact, if you were to remove all these “gun free zone” war zones from the national crime statistics, the US, with its millions of guns and gun owners would be one of the safest places on the planet to live. I may never need my gun for defensive purposes but I know who does. The little old lady walking home from the bus stop in one of Chicago’s many sketchy neighborhoods, and the overnight taxi drivers in New York city trying to support their families by picking up fares in some of the highest crime areas in the country. The left show zero compassion for these folks and are completely blind to their right to defend themselves…..

  14. Own a 380 Taurus and a 9 mil Glock, both with laser sites. A 12 gauge Remington and a 22 Henry Mares Leg. Have a permit to carry.

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