Don’t freak out and spend all your money on guns…..

First off – thank a veteran today for your freedom!!!!!!



With our current and future political leaders in Washington it appears that the environment is ripe for a renewed interest in gun control. There are stories circulating of Senator Feinstein calling for a new assault weapons ban as well as a timely policy shift to support the UN Gun Control Treaty. Additionally during the recent Presidential debates there was an admission from the current office holder that he believed there needed to be a new assault weapons band IN ADDITION TO doing something to get cheap handguns off the streets.


Within hours after the election results came in people were online and at their gun shops purchasing large quantities of ammunition and guns. Is this a smart thing to do? Well, the answer is not that simple.


My message is not to panic and run out and spend your hard earned money unwisely. If you are one which has several months worth of food, your water is taken care of, medical supplies have been put back – and you want to sure up your defensive supplies and can afford it – then I say, “Go for it!”. 


On the other hand if you just got into prepping and have little food and water, little supplies at all – I would NOT recommend spending a wad of cash or running up credit cards on firearms. Think logically and with priorities in mind. Possibly layaway that which you want and pay on it a little at a time. If interested in purchasing an AR-type firearm is to buy just the lower receiver. The lower receiver contains the serial number and is considered the “gun” as far as the BATF goes. The can be had for less than $100. Parts kits need to be purchased to complete the entire firearm, which can be done on a later date. The reality is it will take some time for the government to get any assault weapons ban through and with the current make-up of the Senate and House of Representative – it may never get passed.


It is easy to get swept up in the emotion of “If I don’t get it now I will NEVER be able to” kind of thinking. I found myself getting swept up  into it in 2008 and purchased a large quantity of magazines for different firearms. Many I paid to much money for and could have bought today much cheaper.


So  to sum it up: If you can afford it… what you want. If you can’t….consider alternatives and save up for what you want. 


Just a few thoughts….



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  1. Rourke;
    I have been a fan of yours for some time now, and your site has been nothing but good help, not only for the beginner, but also for the more expericened, one must remeber the old saying “beans, bullets, bandages”
    get your food first, your ammo second, then your bandages to bind your wounds!!
    “Better a thousand times careful, than one time dead”” Keep up the good work and if enough people read your website their may still hope for our country! Thanks again Don Riedthaler

  2. No, no, no – don’t listen to Rourke. Go out and buy lots of guns – that’s stimulus we can believe in! Especially, Smith & Wesson and Ruger products. They make really great stuff. Of course, the fact that my stock portfolio contains a significant investment in both companies has nothing to do with my enthusiasm for their products; just a simple side note which has no affect on my desire to see all of Rourke’s readers well armed.

    Remember, the best way to piss off a liberal is to actively enjoy all of your Constitutional rights.

  3. Forgive me, Rourke, but I disagree with this philosophy. I cannot see guns and ammo becoming easier to obtain with the current political climate. For those exact reasons that you stated: UN Small Arms Treaty and the President’s open admission that he supports a ban on assault rifles. I also suspect that our own gun and ammo manufacturers will be raising their prices to profit from the paranoia, or raise revenues before new legislation is enacted. I would also recommend that if you cannot afford these items right now, charge it! I admit, my prepping is based on economic collapse. Consequently, the money we have in the bank will be almost worthless. I feel that people are far better off with equipment and supplies than with currency. Now, I am certainly not advocating that folks run up their credit cards so high that it will adversely affect their ability to pay their mortgage, electric bill or put food on the table. Right now, you can pick up an M4/Mini-14/AK-47, a few magazines and 800-1000 rounds for under a grand. Perhaps a semi-automatic shotgun (more than 5 round magazine) would be more appropriate for your arsenal. Either way, I would not wait too much longer.

    • Irish-7,

      I totally understand your position and I am always willing to admit that I might be wrong. It is bound to happen!! 😉

      I just don’t want people to go and not pay their mortgage or rent because they think in a month or 6 they will not be able to buy a firearm. Your right – prices will go up – but hopefully they will stabilize.

      Who knows? My crystal ball broke today.

      Thanks – Rourke

  4. Actually, purchasing AR lowers is NOT the best idea. I also had the same idea as soon as I heard about Ms Feinsteins bill. Once I actually read her bill, I realized this would be futile. Under her bill (if it goes through the way she wants it), it calls for the CONFISCATION of all registered assault weapons. Now, I think the government will have one hell ofa time confiscating everyones weapons, but its not impossible. The key term here is “registered” assault weapons. Most states like NJ where I live (unfortunately) require registration of any firearm sale. Some states do not. But if youre unfortunate enough to live in one that does, and you buy AR lowers, the state knows you have them, and may come knocking for them. In most states it is legal to construct your own firearms. In NJ you can construct ONE firearm without stamping a serial number on it and registering it. Now, again, if its unregistered, no one will know how many you made. There are several web site like who sell “unfinished” AR Lowers. You must purchase the correct jig to drill out the necessary ports and hog out the fire control cavity, but realistically, anyone with a little basic machining skills can accomplish this. Remember, its the lower on the AR that is considered a firearm. You can purchase all the other parts like complete uppers with barrels, magazines, grips, stocks, buffer tubes, etc online, or at gun shows legally and without record. In constructing your own firearm, you will avoid the hassle others may face if an assault weapons ban like the one Ms Feinstein proposes is ever enacted. Of course, check all of your local and state laws befre proceeding.

    • Gary –

      Appreciate your comments. I doubt that her bill as it is could get through. Hopefully I am right.

      Yeah – it would be a disaster to send the feds around knocking on doors looking for guns.


  5. Donald Rumsfeld once said “when you go to war, you go with what you have, not what you want”. Basically you stick to your budget and don’t get caught in the (AR or MBR) hoopla. Better to have something you can afford and cover cost of ammo too. You can pic up surplus or even from pawn ships or used consignment arms.

  6. If you already have some guns, the absolute best thing to stock up in that line is ammo. As said, you shouldn’t neglect all of the other things prepping requires. Factory ammo can have a shelf life of upwards of 40 years, so buying when you can is a good idea.
    Right now prices are the result of panic buying ans I recommend shopping carefully and knowing what is a reasonable price. Most likely the prices will settle down next year. Stock piling ammo s not just for shooting, Over the last few years price have steadily climbed, so you can think of it as a precious metal like silver that won’t lose value. That is if you don’t rush out and buy into the current bubble.

    • Mr. Gault –

      I am so honored to have someone as popular as you visit and comment. Yes – I agree. Strange that the dragonfly’s in the area seem to have grown teeny-tiny camera’s on them.


  7. I bought my first AR-15 the Monday before the election. It was something I had been going back and forth on for a while now. Now that I have it I’m glad I did it and I feel less stressed about what might happen or what bills/laws might or might not be passed.

    Hopefully everything will be just fine and cool heads will prevail.

  8. I often wonder to what extent the government is watching these survival sites. How many people work for DHS? Do you realize how many folks it would take to monitor all of the preparation community? Especially considering this blog is not one of the radical sites. There are popular YouTube personalities that are far more extreme than the handful of “Preppers” that comment on ModernSurvivalOnline. Last night, I opened a Facebook friend’s post with pictures of an explosion in Indianapolis, Indiana. The photo was posted by a guy who calls himself “Rising Spirit”. WOW, was this guy out there! He is of the belief that Israel is the cause of all the worldwide troubles. My friend that share the picture is a “Truther”. Of course, this crowd believes that the Military Industrial Complex killed all those Americans on 9/11. These 9/11 conspiracy theorists number in the thousands. I guess that is my point. How can the government (DHS) monitor all these people? Even with computers looking for key words or phrases, a person still has to review or read the alleged radical’s statements. Perhaps I am being naive. If NSA was focusing on Christian Conservative gun owners, then the real terrorists would be attacking every single day.

  9. Irish-7, you would likely be shocked at the extent to which the government watches and listens to the citizenry, of course to some degree a measure of it can be justified in the war on terror. This subject has been a passion on mine since the “Patriot Act”. I supported it at first, then it has been expanded so many times and into so many areas it has become mind numbing in it’s breath and scope. I no longer support most of the actions our government taken. Yes the government should watch, and watch out for it’s enemies…. these enemies should by definition also be ours. The issue then is ….how does the government define “enemy or possible security threats”, both now and in the future and under what various economic, civil and/or political situations these possible enemies might cause trouble. There lies our worries. This subject would make a good post, I’ll work on one, it might open some eyes.

    John Gault… somewhere in Georgia.

  10. I should have added:
    As a hint to that definition, there are laws on the books right now that characterize who might be a terrorist….Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, [and] someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist.

    • Mr. Gault –

      I am so glad that I have NO GUNS, NO AMMUNITION (including weatherproofed), and I ran out of food this morning.



  11. I admit that I am probably wrong about the government keeping tabs on us “Patriots”. I do find it appalling though, that the criteria has changed from Muslim Extremists to Christian Conservative gun owners. What is even more disturbing, is that millions of people are not alarmed at the shift in Uncle Sam’s priorities. The heart and soul of America has been sold for food stamps and extended unemployment benefits!

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