Do you see “it”?

Check out the picture below. I was at my son’s football game last night and this cloud formation certainly caught my eye. I wasn’t the only one.

– Rourke



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  1. What, the anvil head thunder cloud? Wow, how exciting. I can see one in any direction this time of year in SW Florida. I get that they do have the “mushroom” thing going on but it sure is a common sight down here.

    • Capt –

      Appreciate the sarcasm. Not from Florida, don’t live there – never seen this before – like many others.



  2. That’s the prettiest thing in the universe: A mature thunderstorm right before it dissipates. I love seeing these. CaptTurbo is correct – the mushroom appearance is caused by the anvil and is part of the dissipation. What gets me is: as big and thunderous as it is – it’s only water – water vapor. It reminds me how the biggest, nastiest problems are really only small ones when you understand them. I’m surprised there wasn’t a rainbow someplace nearby. Nice photo by the way.

  3. It reminded me a little of the cover picture with the little kid. Definitely a thunderstorm though. If I remember correctly, it’s relatively difficult for water vapor to extend into the stratosphere due to temp. inversion that exists once you get up there. Once the thunderstorm has shot the water vapor up there, the air temp. in the stratosphere is warmer than the thunderstorm and essentially pushes the water vapor back down. Hence the flat top you see. Bueller…Bueller.

    Cool picture though man, reminds me that we are not as in control as we think sometimes.

  4. While weather phenomenon is interesting, your picture prompted a different thought. Suppose two Chechen brothers, fully absorbed into the Islamist doctrine and already living in the US under political asylum… were goaded by their religious leaders into a terrorist act against the country that had taken them in, was funding their lifestyle and -at considerable expense- was educating them. I know, sounds impossible to believe. Why would anyone turn on a country that wrapped it’s comforter of liberty around them and gave them the freedoms that so many in Chechnya had fought for, died for. It would never happen, right? but this is hypothetical so bear with me. Suppose these brothers decided… rather than build some fairly simple bomb and setting it off at some crowded event, they received considerably more help, and aided by America’s sieve like boarders and an overwhelmed and questionably incompetent DHS, they decided to set off a nuclear device in a more rural and less secure setting. Why they might even believe that doing this would make Americans feel even more at risk. None of us are safe. The chances of this may be remote, some might say even minuscule…. but the odds aren’t zero….

    In Afghanistan itself, American forces have examined dozens of sites where al Qaeda may have worked on nuclear or radiological weapons.

  5. Definitely left out “the Jericho cover” in the 1st sentence. You’d think with all the taxpayer money the NSA would be able to spell check my comments and fix them for me…

  6. rourke, it seems like theres always somebody that wants to have a sour opion to a kewl picture or a useful thought. anyhow, if i seen that cloud at first thought i,d of jumped in my celler___lol!!!!!!

  7. Did you count “Flash to bang” time, or hold your fist up to gauge the size of the cloud? Sorry, I could not help myself! Those are military reactions to do what we call an NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) Report.

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