Discounted tent source: Eureka Camping Center & Factory Outlet

A buddy at work who is heavily involved with the Boy Scouts told me about a resource for tents – cheap. The Eureka Camping Center & Factory Outlet sells refurbished, repaired, and discounted items – like tents.

From what I have been told – many items simply had a seam sewed in the wrong place, it gets repaired, and then is sold at a steep discount.

My co-worker bought several tents for his Boy Scout Troop and he said they were brand-new when he received them.

In the market for a tent? Check out the Eureka Camping Center & Factory Outlet.


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2 thoughts on “Discounted tent source: Eureka Camping Center & Factory Outlet”

  1. You may have a bit of a wait on orders as they have been impacted by flooding and may not be 100% yet. See their website for info- ” AS OF SEPTEMBER 7th…DUE TO SEVERE FLOOD EVENT IN THE BINGHAMTON AREA, THE EUREKA CAMPING CENTER IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Phone and email communications are currently impacted. We will be contacting all customers who have orders, repairs or exchanges pending and work with you to get issues resolved. Thank you ALL for you patience while we work through this. “

  2. Eureka makes great tents. I have their Apex tent (2 man) that I use all the time. Keep up with basic maintenance like seam sealing, water proofing, and proper storage and these tents will last forever. I also recommend a ground cloth/tarp to protect the floor from any debris.


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