Department of Homeland Security “utility vehicles”?

Frequent commenter “Harry” sent me the following information.

Gun ports? Definitely thought provoking.

 – Rourke

From Harry:

In addition to the millions of rounds of .40 ammo, DHS has purchased 2,500 “utility vehicles” (see below).  I like the addition of the word “rescue” to their identification panel – makes it look nice and safe and peaceful.  That info is right below the 1-inch thick armor panels which for some strange reason the US Army couldn’t afford to put on my son’s vehicle while he toured the sandbox.  Picture 2 clearly shows the gunner’s cupola (nothing mounted, but that only takes 10 minutes).  I wonder why a “rescue” vehicle needs a weapon’s mount capable of handling heavy machine guns, Gatling guns, automatic grenade launchers, and other toys?  “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” – 9 words to make one shudder.









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  1. Why does a rescue vehicle need gun ports, between cartels and terrorist who’s common tactic is kidnapping someone has to come get the ones who are victims and as a former team member it sucks when you dont have the right tools because you and your team suffer caualties

    AND the riot rock throwing inclined mexicans on the border gas ports are needed.

    Yep you shudder, and are the first one to dial 911, UNTIL YOU SERVE YOU WILL NEVER KNOW


    • Matt –

      We have already exchanged emails on this. People – like myself – see a trend occurring where government seems to be stocking up and getting ready for “something”. What that something is creates concerns and suspicion. Maybe all the ammo, the legislation, the drones, and the armament is all a coincidence and well meaning. I think a good citizen is one who asks questions and demands answers.

      By the way Matt – I appreciate your service….I truly do.


  2. I would be very concerned in Canada if they bought 250 of these death dealers for use on our soil. That is accounting for population difference. I would be at my Minister of Parliament representative lickity split with some very demanding questions. This is an insane piece of equipment for “in country policing”. Good luck with this.

  3. I thought that I posted this yesterday. Perhaps I put the following on Facebook instead. Either way, I think it still applies:

    This is perplexing. Why does DHS need 2500 armored vehicles? These trucks have firing ports and a copula for mounting heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers. Keep in mind DHS also contacted for 450 million rounds of .40 CAL (does not fit in ANY military weapons, just handguns issued to government agents), plus another 750 million rounds of mixed ammo (.223 for M16 family of rifles, .12 gauge #00 buckshot, .308 sniper bullets and more). That is a total of 1.2 billion bullets. Since the US population is a little over 300 million, that quantity of ammo is almost enough to shoot every man, woman and child in the United States 4 times. Hope and Change, huh? These vehicles are in preparation for social unrest and riots on an unprecedented scale, post economic collapse. Senator Obama repeatedly called for a “Civilian Defense Force” as he was running for President in 2008. I believe he got his wish in fortifying the Department Of Homeland Security. I pray that the individual members of DHS have the intestinal fortitude to ignore any order to fire on peaceful, law-abiding American citizens. I have equal hope that the millions of gun owners in the United States exercise good judgement and restraint during any potential crisis situation. God Save The Republic!

  4. I agree, these armored “Rescue” vehicles are spooky. It would be one thing if some local Police Department bought just one of these for SWAT use but the Federal Government buying 2700 of them for unspecified purposes is very distressing.

  5. Gee, Matt I didn’t know you cared.

    I would like to point out a few things. A – I did serve, 2nd of the 75th, Rangers Lead the Way with 367 jumps (C130, C123, UH1, UV-18, CH-47, DHC-6, and a few others). I have also been a deputy sheriff, volunteer fireman, and provided high risk personal security. I am pretty sure I “know”. B – I have been in the shit without all of the nice toys the REMF’s kept for their personal security, believe it or not the cavalry doesn’t always come over the hill at the last minute to save the day. C – last time I checked Border Security personnel don’t really need armored vehicles to fend off rocks, the glass in a standard Tahoe PPV is hardened to withstand hand thrown missles, so is a military Hummer. Also, I sincerely doubt that a group of illegal aliens armed with a few chunks or broken masonry will ellicit a reponse which includes SRT vehicles from Homeland Security. D – Kidnapping is handled by the FBI (Department of Justice), not DHS – you might want to refresh your info on which agency does what. E – I am absolutely positive that if I dialed 911 as you so kindly suggested I would quickly (actually almost immediately) receive help from my local police or sheriff (all of whom I know, most of whom I hunt or play poker with, and a few of whom I am related to) not from DHS in their nice new POLICE/RESCUE armored vehicles. If you honestly believe otherwise I have some sea side property in Wyoming you might be interested in. F – I don’t hate, it causes ulcers. I am wary of a government who feels so insecure that they have to purchase thousands of vehicles such as these to maintain their control of the masses. These are not police vehicles – they are combat vehicles. They are not going to protect our borders from invading drug cartels or Canadians looking for better medical care – they are going to be used for crowd control and suppression of civil liberties.

    I suggest you visit the DHS website. Review their Mission Statement – it only covers 5 items. And then, determine to your own satisfaction where you sincerely believe they need these vehicles to accomplish said mission. This was the sole purpose of my posting this info to Rourke – I don’t see the need insofar as the DHS Mission is concerned.

    A little life advice – you’ll go farther by partcipating in open and frank discussion whereby you use logic and known facts to sway your reader as oppossed to insults, assumptions, and innuendo. You certainly don’t have to agree with my or anyone else’s position or point of view, but few will agree with yours if your only recourse is false accusations and the label “HATER”. It shows a real lack of maturity in my opinion.

    BTW, thanks for your service.

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