Day of relaxing……sort of

Hi folks, I have traveled to my brothers place in Georgia for the weekend. Hoping to get some serious relaxing done….along with some “run and gun” shooting. I enjoy getting back to the countryside and connecting with nature. 

During this momentary break from the craziness of society I plan to catch up on some reading and maybe some writing. Lately life has been stressful and “writers block” has set in. It will pass….eventually.  I am also working on the announcement for the winners of this last Guest Post Contest. It’s a tough job.

I also recently received a portable solar system for testing and brought it with me. Review to come.


Have a great weekend people. Try to forget the fact that the world is collapsing in around you like a pack of wolves closing in on a baby deer. Well…..maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that last part.  😉


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  1. I’m sure ‘The End’ will wait for your return from the back-country, preserving life is a waste…. if you can’t live with the life your preserving….

  2. Just remember that every day that passes, every event that occurs, brings us that much closer to intervention from our Lord and Savior, Y’eshua/Jesus Christ. He will put an end to the mess we’ve made and He will bring with it the world our Heavenly Father always intended us to have – AFTER all the “bad” stuff cycles — consequences from our own choices and the choices of others by which we are victimized have played themselves out, just as He said they would, in the end.

    I’ve read the end of the Book, and, for those of us who are in Christ Jesus – obey His word and live by it (and, if necessary, die by it!), we win! It’s all good.

    I have to remind myself sometimes that what seems too much to carry is taking us to victory! Prepare for the battle – but don’t focus on it — focus on the Victor (Y’eshua/Jesus Christ/The Son of the Living, One, True G-d, the Name Abov All Names, the Name by which ALL men MUST be saved,the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End), and get ready to enjoy the victory!

  3. I took a break from it all this week also. Took a day long road trip exploring the back roads about ten miles out in each direction in an open jeep with great weather. Improved my knowledge of the out lying areas, found some great roads to drive my Lotus, a lot of cattle and other livestock and a large stand of sugar cane (great to distil into alcohol)Came home to have left over shrimp stir fry on the recently redone back deck with the six chickens and dog in attendance. All in all a great day. D.

  4. “The earth has received the embrace of the sun and we shall see the results of that love.” Hunkesni (Sitting bull) Great Spirit is with us .A recent miracle occurred when a young girl was saved in a horrific accident-check out World news- Diane Sawyer. Jesus came once again.
    These miracles give me strength for the journey . Rourke- I am happy you are having a day off. We all need to do that -take a few moments daily to take in a deep breath and see the stars and the Mts or a fawn ..
    and say YES to life. Arlene

  5. I took my family camping for a few days as well. We never announce our trips, for security reasons. Although I have more difficulty with common tasks, I still enjoy the outdoors. Lessons learned: plan better and pack accordingly! These emergency supplies, Bug Out Items are actually bare minimum! When I look at the supplies required for a few days at a State Park Campground, with running water, showers, toilets etc, I am reminded of those years in the Airborne Infantry where your life was on your back.

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