Dangerous gardening?


I stickfight.

I shoot.

I grapple.

I crossfit.

I mountain bike.


I also just severely damaged in my right hand, middle finger.


I would like to say I did it fighting off some evil ninja’s while saving a damsel in distress. I would like to say I did it while training and exerting tremendous physical effort.


I was pulling weeds out of my garden. Specifically – not that it matters – from my strawberry bed. I’ll tell you – I am feeling pretty manly about this right now.  🙂

I have full control of my right hand however my middle finger is very week. Grasping anything with any strength is difficult. Although not very painful, it is very uncomfortable. Doctors said I could have damaged some ligaments. 

I never thought something like this would happen. Heck – I really never even knew there was a tendon where it is. I heard a very loud “POW!!” and felt my finger move a bit. I was instantly educated on where my tendons are in my finger.

I have an appointment to see an orthopedist on July 14th. I am not looking forward to this.

In the meantime I have to deal with this. Deal with it I will. My stickfighting is over for right now – unless I want to train left-handed. Crossfit just became even more difficult as my grip is weak and that limits exercises I can do. Shooting pistols is troublesome and this is all the reason needed  to train off-hand.


Be careful as those weeds can hurt more than just your plants.



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14 thoughts on “Dangerous gardening?”

  1. Who would have thought you could seriously hurt yourself pulling weeds? Sorry to hear about that, hope you make a full and speedy recovery.

  2. sorry about your injury.Yes gardening is hard on the muscles . Our daughter was broke her finger in a library-
    heal well and fast. Resting it will help. arlene
    just lost our pumpkins to squash beetles- despite my daily hand picking of those bugs. Now we will plant more
    and hope they will do better-in another location. We garden organically.
    Just bought 3 dozen canning jars as they were on a great sale.

  3. Rourke, If I mail a donation toward this site to the address shown on Survival blo. will it get to you? Thanks.Arlene

    • Hi Arlene –

      I actually have a “donate” page here on the site. I appreciate anything anyone does but please do not donate unless you can afford it. Everyone needs to take care of themselves first.

      Thanks. If you need an address email me emergencycd (at) gmail.com.


  4. The good thing is now you have obamacare to fix your injury or if it is really serious, the democrat mandated healthcare system will counsel you on how to die and not be a burden on the minorities (taxpayers) left in the country! Oh and don’t forget to change your will leaving all your belongings and life insurance policies to the obama campaign!!!! (SARCASM!!!!)

  5. Does this mean you will only be able to signal your feelings about the Nanny State with one hand?!

    [Sorry to hear about your injury]

  6. Keep up the work, but off-hand. Place the other one behind you as if it’s seriously unavailable. Flail it about, whatever you have to do, but focus on the important aspect… making you ambidextrous. I found, quite surprisingly, that I shoot better off-hand pistol as a lefty than as a righty. Two-handed, I’m better as a righty. I can’t explain it all, but it gave me pause to consider options for shooting all the time.

    Try forcing a cross-eye dominant situation too… (if you usually use your left, use your right, or vice versa…) Use scotch tape over your glasses, so that you can learn basic acquisition and other routine tasks on either side. Don’t assume that your right (or left) eye is always going to be available for usage in a firefight.

  7. Did the same thing carrying a plastic bag of groceries. Took 6 months before my finger was right again! Growing old sucks.

  8. Gardening is dangerous when it is done without knowledge. It is always hard to uproot a plant that is almost grown or fully grown in empty hand. Hope you recover very soon.


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