Could a SHTF event create a race war?

The stock market has crashed. Grocery stores have closed. Gas stations have run out of fuel. People are growing more and more desperate by the day. Being in such a critical state groups begin to form. There are safety in numbers and people begin to hear of increasing violence. People no longer walk the streets by themselves as they are more likely to fall victim to violent crime.

What role will race play when things go bad?

Look at Hurricane Katrina. There were many accounts of white on black and black on white crimes after the hurricane hit. Of these events – there is evidence that some were carried out specifically due to hatred of the others race. It is an unfortunate reality that prejudice and racism exists. In a civilized world where racists do no more than make faces and at a maximum commit petty crimes to act out their racist aggressions – people are generally safe from harm. In a grid-down, WROL situation with a huge dose of stress and desperation thrown in – I think acts of violent racism will become more common place.

I could care less what color or ethnicity someone is. What sits in their heart and soul is what matters. Not everyone thinks that way and I suspect circumstances may provide avenues for those that have racist beliefs to act on them. 

What do you think? What factor do you think race will play after the SHTF?


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  1. Race violence will be a part of the events when the ruckus kicks off, but it’s a minor point compared to survival. The only people that will be complaining about racial violence are mooks like Sharpton and Jackson and the losers who try to use their skin color as an advantage.

  2. I think people will look for someone to blame for there troubles. Its been that way from the beginning of time. The people that get singled out are always the minorities. Most minorities aren’t well armed so they will be easy targets to begin with. A race war will not be much of a war in the traditional sense more like the killing of people not like you.
    More likely during a SHTF event you will get a haves vs the have nots war. The haves will not be the rich but people with resources like food, water and shelter. They will be the targets for those that have little or nothing.

  3. Isn’t race already a factor in targeted violence? That’s really not as much a question than a statement. Look at crime statistics, they speak for themselves. Black on black & black on white crime is already horrific, if not reported. Most would be stunned if they saw the statistics, much more if they read the details. Look to 3rd world countries when the going gets tough as an example of how things would further devolve here. How many of these nations have gone from a peaceful nation into a scene of lethal mob violence and then decades-long civil war, both marked by unspeakable atrocities. In the end though you want to stay clear of crowds, regardless of ethnicity. If your planning on sitting out the apocalypse in any decent size little city… well…. you have my sympathies.

  4. This administration is the biggest race baiting group that has ever run this country. The have nots will be running rampant once the gov’t dole is cut off. I worked for 40 years for the meager pension I get and I will not willingly hand over anything! I have been doing what most sensible people do, store enough to live on and plan to make my great escape before our lives are turned upside down by people who want to take instead of earn.

  5. I am fully at peace with the knowledge that I belong to the superior race. The HUMAN RACE. It is the only race I recognize. I do not care one iota about the color of someone’s skin, or what State, Nation, or Continent that their roots trace back to. I know that there were atrocities in the history of our world committed against a group of people based on things like that, but they are history, and something to learn from. I was not part of committing those atrocities and would have fought against it. I only care about WHO people are at their core. Are they a person of honor, of integrity, of kindness, of self-reliance? Those are the qualities I care about. If they are not then they are a potential threat to me, my family, and our way of life. If someone is threatening my life or that of my loved ones, then they are a threat to be addressed without any other consideration.

  6. to me, color means nothing, it is intent that matters. . . but I am afraid there will be many killed because of their skin color. . . avoid large crowds. . . stay hidden as best you can, and arm yourself, and those in your group. . .

  7. Our society is polarized but it is between the producers and the takers. If there is to be a war (and I hope not), I strongly suspect that it will be between those two classes of people. My thoughts. PR

  8. Like most of the comments above, I don’t care what the outside of a person looks like. Its the inside that counts. I also believe that humans are inherently violent … its in our nature. While opposites attract on occasion, like will find like, as well. And when the SHTF, violence from all colors will erupt. I pray to not be caught in the crossfire.

  9. I suspect that people of violent nature will join together without regard to their skin color, nationality, or social class. In all conflicts people find those of similar intent and desire then things go downhill from there.

    The trick on our part will be to protect ourselves from being targeted. Whether it is for our “resources” of food, water, shelter or our cache of ammo, we will be targeted. The question then becomes one of survival and whether we clear out before we are overrun, or stand our ground and fight until our last breath.

    If you have not considered your options, thoroughly, and prepared according to how you would make your choices, then you become a statistic. There may come a time when tough decisions have to be made. When it comes you may have only the fewest of moments to decide, to make decisions that seal the fate of you and your loved ones. There won’t be time to discuss, consider, weigh this or that when the time comes. You must be ready BEFORE and KNOW what you, and those with you, will do.

    Know your skills, actions you will take, or won’t take. Know that your life or death, and those of your loved ones, could be on the line and may depend on your actions. Know, also, that each of those with you will also need to be able to make the same decisions, take the same actions, because you can’t do everything and be everywhere by yourself.

    Crowds, or gangs, or self organized militias, each present a threat in the right circumstance.

    What is your plan? Does your “group” agree? Will it work for a long term?

    Good Luck.

  10. I believe we are already in a race war. It has been carefully planned and executed. I always mention the frog in the pot when discussing it.

    I also believe that in a TEOTWAWKI situation, race will be a factor but not a long term one. Initially, there will be idiots of all races who see an opportunity to right old wrongs whether the wrongs are real or imaginary. Depending on the cause of the collapse, up to 50 percent of the population could die within the first few weeks. By then the survivors will be focused on continued survival and race will be a very low priority.

    Personally, I’m indifferent to race. However in a grid down situation I will be more sensitive to it since I can’t count on anyone else believing as I do. I wouldn’t turn someone away because of race, but will try to avoid groups made up solely of people of another race. Of course, I’ll be avoiding people as much as possible anyway.

  11. It is my observation that this nation has NOT been so polarized since the 1960’s, when we experienced large scale race riots in multiple American cities. I believe the policies of the Obama Administration are driving us FURTHER apart. I cite the Justice Department sending representatives to Florida in order to pump up the black communities during the Zimmerman trial as just one example. The Main Stream Media is ignoring the recent waive of Black on White violence. Could a SHTF/WROL situation incite a race war? I suppose the potential is there. I don’t see ethnic relations as being the issue, though. It would be more the “haves” versus the “have nots”. The millions of Americans on the government dole WILL RIOT when their handouts are cut off, regardless of what color they are. If we look to history to predict potential violent encounters, I think it is pretty obvious that inner city folks are the quickest to resort to violence. I share the opinions of those above in that I don’t care what color people are. I agree with John Stone. My weapons are indiscriminate.

  12. It’s happened in the passed, present and will continue to happen in the future. Race, Religion, Ethnic back ground even tribes with in a race will kill each other.

    SHTF or WROL will only magnify mans inhumanity to man regardless of race. Humans are the ultimate predator.

  13. What is in a persons heart and soul is not dependent on skin color. I volunteer with state agency and yesterday I worked with a Black and as we talked we found we feared for the same things that are tearing this country apart, he like the rest of us are preparing the best he can for himself and his family as he believes something is going to happen in the next few years.

  14. John, I agree that human nature is color blind. We live in a society that goes to great effort to prevent racial profiling.

    FBI statistics however indicate black males are arrested at a greater rate than white males and that males of any race are handled more frequently than females. This doesn’t mean I hate blacks and that all whites are wonderful. Where there is a history of interaction between discrete individuals of any race, that history is one of the best predictors of future behavior. I do think most will agree at the least, males are more violent than females. In a WROL situation, of course I would be cautious meeting any unknown person and black males even more so. I am a caucasian but before I anger so many of our citizens, is there a balancing perspective from the black readership? I suspect they would be more cautious meeting white males. Am I wrong?

  15. I believe it is the cultural values rather than race that will be the determining factor, ie Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge.

  16. Obama has made it a point to inflame resentment between those that have a lot and those that don;t . Not to mention the race baiters that have made a living creating trouble. It ony take a small percentage to create real trouble in a vulnerable situation. There are plenty of individuals that will take advantage of the situation and yes there will be a lot of killiing once it gets started.
    Look how the food stamep crowd was out screaming when their snap card malfuntioned for a few hours.

  17. Not sure about a “race war” but most humans naturally group with others who are most like them, i.e. ethnic lines. This is an unfortunate reality. There will undoubtedly be violent acts commited by every racial group within the country. In a collapsed society/economy, people will not be taking the time to discern one anothers political affiliations and/or long term goals. Every day will be an extremely tense survival situation and absolutely should be treated that way. Remember, it doesn’t matter how sane and compassionate you are, but how sane and compassionate the other guy is. Peace has never been a unilateral decision. Too bad Obama doesn’t understand this.

  18. Panhandle rancher, you are right about the statistics. And yes females can be worse than males as proven to me years ago in Boston, MA. Vinnie, I believe you are right that at least mostly it is cultural, not racial. DrSique and Charlie, you are both on the money.

  19. The true handling of a conflict is kind of like fighting a fire: Deprived of oxygen, fuel, or heat a fire goes out. The fuel as it were, for racism or for that matter, any conflict is an agitator. There always seems to be a hidden 3rd party with a dog in the fight who instigates the conflict, and then exploits that conflict for political and/or financial gain. Look for and expose the propagandist or provocateur and you handle the conflict.

  20. Along the lines of the firefighting analogy:

    My neighbor used to be a fire chief. He has a saying that he drilled into his crew: “Attack from black”.

    What that means is to not fight the fire from where the fuel is, where the fire is headed. But, rather, fight the fire from where it has been, the black / burned area.

    That same idea would work in a worst case scenario, where you would let the attackers pass by your location, un-harassed, then while they attack the next target you would attack from behind.

    Just a thought, triggered by the earlier analogy. It may be something to consider.

  21. vinnie is right, it is culture, not skin color…. but then. 93% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks, blacks commit interracial muggings, robberies and rapes at 35 times the rate of whites. Do you suppose these figures will increase or decrease when things get iffy. The amount of Melanin in your skin cells doesn’t dictate levels of violence, culture does, and there is a group who’s racial makeup we dare not point out who’s culture has morphed into something most of us wouldn’t recognize as civilized. A culture where violence and ruthlessness is romanticized, glorified and justified. It started in the inner cities and ripples out from there. When the milk turns sour there will be many dangerous people, none more so than the ones who are dangerous now.

    At some point in a comment like this the writer will emphasize that he/she has black friends! ……. well I can assure you that none of my black friends would be any more eager than I to go anywhere near “The Bluffs” in Atlanta, certain parts of Camden N.J., Flint, Michigan, Detroit…. and maybe a place near you….

  22. I think that at first there will be a “race war”, but my question is what about all the interracial couples and families? I’m a woman of African descent with a Caucasian husband. We have children and I know that my family on both sides has our back. We’re trying to think about places we can go to live that are welcoming, liberty loving, and has good solid values for our children, but we worry about things like this. What if the SHTF and we think we know our neighbors only to find out that they will turn on our family because they don’t like the fact that my husband married me? We currently live in a highly populated area and we want to move to a rural area. We know we have to take those things into consideration. The race war aspect of things will be peppered with folks who have people of other races or biracial folks as their own blood and kin. For the most part I do believe that the crazy folk will vent their racial frustrations on each other so Rourke is spot on with that. What does a family like mine do in a situation like this? I guess we’ll fight it out whether the racists are Black, White, or whatever.

  23. Its not skin color its DNA East Asians and Europeans evolved under opposite conditions of blacks. K vs. R evolution.

  24. Looks like a lot of color-blind do-gooders will require a bit of reality check in a WROL situation. More power to ya..when “they” drag away your daughters. I’m white…which still means I’ll suspect other whites only a bit less.

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