Cool First Aid Videos

Here are a couple of cool First Aid video’s from Sootch00 and Skinny Medic.

Being able to respond to a variety of first aid situations properly is very important after a TSHTF situation. These video’s are very well done and are very informational.

Here is the first one on Treating Fractures in the Feild:

Here is one for Basic First Aid Kit for Survival:

How to Treat Gunshot and Knife Wounds:

Excellent. If you have not checked out Sootch’s video’s – you really should.

Take care all –


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  1. Why can’t I save or copy your articles? The process starts and then—-zippo. Closes out. That’s not nice.

    • dh – Not sure what you mean by “saving” the articles. What are you on? PC? Laptop? Chromebook? Ipad? Phone? The easiest way I know of is to copy and paste everything into a Word document or use HTTrack.

  2. The gun shot wound video is a little dated. I recently completed Tactical Medicine taught by active duty army combat medics. It was a DOD program for non military first responders. In the video I did not see any thing about packing gun shot or stab wounds with combat gaze before applying a pressure bandage. As far as the chest wound is concerned I added a link below for occlusive dressings that the military currently uses. Also his recommendation concerning Tourniquets again is dated. The military has learned a lot over the last 13 years of war. It does take time for the new techniques to trickle down to the civilian EMT side though. I do understand this civilian medic is limited by what his company will allow him to do on the bus. I guess the bottom line is get your training from a credited source and not youtube.

    occlusive dressing

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