Condition Factor Monitoring Level raised to Level 4

Current CFM Level is “4” with a total Factor Level of: 



 Although I am not going to get into the specific equation which is used to arrive at the current score of “80” – the current score reaches that level due to several influencing factors including:

  • The conflict and apparent aggression by Russia in the Ukraine could cause an economic ripple across Europe and over to the United States. President Obama’s foreign policies have the United States looking very week – thus possibly inviting negative action against it. If sanctions are levied against Russia they could respond by limiting oil exports – which could hurt the US economy dramatically. In addition to their current actions – this could be a sign of a new Russia similar to the old Soviet Union.
  • The total stampede over privacy rights in the United States is another step towards total destruction of the foundation of the United States.
  • The continued irresponsible spending of the Federal government as well as many states. The Federal deficit for 2014 is estimated to be in excess of $500 billion dollars – raising the National Debt to a record $18.2 trillion dollars. We are quickly approaching a point of no return (we may be there already).
  • Crude oil has reached well over $100 per barrel. Petroleum is used to manufacture most every single item that you buy and use – prices will be going up if oil remains high.
  • Related to above – gas prices have been on the rise. 99% of all products are shipped using methods fueled by gasoline and diesel. Shipping costs increase – those products being shipped will increase in price as well.
  • The very recent division in the United States related to race relations and the subsequent rioting and violence.
  • The constant “ready to explode” powder keg in the Middle East with governmental changes and the threat of a nuclear Iran is very unsettling and can effect the entire world in many ways.
  • China appears to be positioning themselves to take the place of the United States as the worlds number one super-power. Our current administration has allowed sequestration effecting the military in a negative manner.
  • The complete disregard for citizen’s rights and the United States Constitution via governmental data tracking of emails, phone calls, etc. is leading to the loss of rights our Founding Fathers and many since fought to provide and protect.
  • Society’s moral’s continue to decay as “Who is on Dancing With the Stars” is more important than “Who is responsible for Benghazi?” This country is falling apart right under the noses of its citizens and most just do not care and do not have a clue.
  • There is so much more.



I remember back in the 80’s when the military had “DEFCON” levels. DEFCON indicated the level of readiness the military was at. DEFCON 5 was lowest while DEFCON 1 was “get in your bunker”. I decided to create and formulate my own system which to summarize current general levels of threat.

This has not been an easy task. The MSO Condition Factor Level (CFL)  takes into account numerous indicators such as gas prices, inflation, food prices, unemployment rates, Federal deficits,  significant world events, domestic terrorism, and a multitude of government and corporate indicators related to privacy invasion and “people control”. It is a complicated algorithm.

The MSO Condition Factor Level will on display(bottom left-hand) and will be updated as changing conditions warrant. Every so often I will report on the current CFL and some of the reasons for its change (up or down).

Here is the breakdown of the Level’s:

Condition 1 (50-59)


Condition One means peach and harmony throughout much of the world. Middle East would be totally at peace, unemployment would be below 3%, salaries going way up,  crime way down, and Congress is working together for the benefit of all citizens.


Condition 2 (60-69)


Condition Two represents some unsettling activity in various parts of the word. Middle East would be stressful – but at peace for the most part. Unemployment would be below 5%, salaries are increasing at least at the rate of inflation which is minimal. Government is acting as positive representatives for the people in making decisions however government deficits may be growing. Overall – things are good for most people.


Condition 3 (70-79)


Condition Three represents a stepped, negative trend towards peace in the world. The Middle East would be at high tension with skirmishes breaking out periodically as well as political unrest in some countries.  Terrorism – domestic as well as international is on the rise and ever present. Unemployment would likely be above 6% but below 10% (government reported numbers). The economy is stagnant and wages are steady or slightly decreasing. Real inflation is on the rise. Government intrusion into peoples lives is on the increase while the civilian population overall has been consumed with a feeling of uncertainty. Overall – things are on a decline and people need to be preparing.


Condition 4 (80-89)


 Condition Four represents a marked increase in governmental corruption and control over its people. The economy will be in serious decline although the government and media will under-report the severity. Reported unemployment is nearing 10%. Various areas of the world will be in turmoil due to civil wars, economic problems, religious conflict, and governmental changes. People will be making less money while essentials will cost much more. Potential conflict with other countries increases the risk of the United States getting involves in military action abroad. Societal conflict over race, morals, economics, immigration, and other issues may create division within the population. Crime rates may be on the rise. Potential “False Flags” will provide an environment which the American people allow laws to pass that they otherwise wouldn’t. Prepare now while you still can.


Condition 5 (90 – 100)


 DANGER! DANGER! Condition Five brings on dangerous conditions for most of America. Conditions in many areas of the world may be represented by war, civil disturbance, rioting, and economic turmoil.  A combination of high unemployment, societal breakdown, overpowering governmental intrusion, and elevated rates of crime via organized criminal groups mark a dangerous situation for much of the United States.  High inflation and potentially domestic and/or international terrorism may be frequent. Many individual freedoms have been taken away. Food and gas shortages ($10+ per gallon) are likely characteristics at CONDITION LEVEL FIVE. Unemployment approaching record levels. Bank closures not uncommon and many businesses closing.

A negative trend in relation to most aspects of peoples lives is irreversible. People are struggling to find ways to provide food for their families, put gas in their vehicles, and a roof over their heads. It is not getting any better.

Right around the corner is the end of the world as people know it. 



If you would like to include Condition Factor Monitoring on your own website – use the following code:

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9 thoughts on “Condition Factor Monitoring Level raised to Level 4”

  1. IF, the government froze all spending at current levels, stopped all automatic increases for EVERYTHING, including all entitlements, until the deficit reached zero, it would still continue to climb.

    IF they doubled taxes, too, and put a minimum tax of 5% on the lowest wage earners, PLUS cut spending by 15% across the board! we would not have zero deficit for about 20 YEARS. We are in a deep hole.

    Now, if we put sanctions on Russia, they will most likely retaliate and dump the 200 billion dollars of Treasury bonds that they hold. This would have a little bit of effect on the value of the dollar, but not a lot. BUT, if China were to join in and support Russia by starting to dump their holdings of Treasury bonds, we could expect the dollar to take a big hit.

    Right now, and for the foreseeable future, we are not in control of our economic health. Our government has not buckled down and kept us “healthy”, instead they have spent money they didn’t have, borrowed from people that don’t have our economic health in mind, but only their own.

    We are in trouble. The solution is known, but our “leaders” only do what they can to get reelected, not what needs to be done for the good of our country.

    All we can do, ourselves, is prepare to take care of ourselves and family and friends. Learn to fend for ourselves, grow our own food, put food up for future use, hunt, fish, repair our things whenever we can, and teach anyone who wants to learn to do the same. It may be a long road, but it is a road we can travel.

  2. CM, I agree with you 100%. Our elected officials for the most part put themselves ahead of the country and continue to do so, as Herman Caine says, the politicians are re – arranging the deck chairs while the ship sinks instead of fixing the leak. Rourke, good insight on the CFM.

  3. It’s surprising that I hear little about “The Budapest Memorandum”. Written and signed in 1994, apparently in disappearing ink for it has faded away…. along with our obligations to it. Ukraine’s solders fought beside ours in Afghanistan and this is how we repay them. This is how the United States treats its International Treaty obligations and its allies. Today, it is so.

    Rourke, I have found it increasingly difficult to judge “Threat Levels”. I thought it might have been because of my aging, but no. Many years ago I thought our ship was sinking, I climbed down into the hull and treading knee deep water I joined the bucket brigade. For years I have filled the buckets and handed them off, I have handed the buckets to many of you I think and have had the buckets handed to me by the same. Many grew tired and dejected by the struggle and left the line, but there have always been others to take their place. We have always thought the goal was worth the hard work. But lately I had noticed my arms were so tired, my back ached, and the water was now waist deep. I decided the ship was sinking despite the great effort of so many, I put down the bucket and climbed out of the hull and in a small way off the ship. I can see it sits low in the water.

    I mentioned my not being able to judge “Threat Levels”, I think I can’t because they mean so little to me now. I planned and acted out an escape….. I think I have succeeded. I’m far enough removed as to be insulated, I have my gardens, my canned goods, my sling-shots and stockpiles of polished stones…. cozy and safe. I turn on the news and the world spins out of control, I turn it off and look out the window, the sky is still blue, the dogs still play and the gardens still grow. If I don’t look the whole world could boil away into a puff of steam and I think I would hardly notice….. This is partly the reward of prepping and maybe partly the reward for giving up. You do what you can until you can’t, then you walk away.

    There’s a story about a farmer who had big plans to plant a new field. In the middle of the field lay partly buried a huge rock. The farmer decided that the rock must go. He tried every means he could think of to get ride of the rock. He tried un-burying it, pulling it out, busting it up and blasting it to pieces. He even begged and pleaded with the rock but nothing worked. The rock just sat there…. indifferent to the whole exercise. With no other choice the farmer plowed the field anyway, he curved his rows around the giant rock, planted his crops and at harvest time he benefited greatly from his new field. Sometimes you can’t change what is, but that alone doesn’t have to stop you.

    I don’t know about anywhere else, but when I walk out my front door tomorrow morning it will seem like level 1, all is clear, time to play….

  4. Mr. Gault, you have given eloquent words to how I have began to think! My wife has never filled a bucket, she has focused on the Lord and the sunny skies. I used to think she had her head in the sand. I would be exhausted hands blistered from bailing, the next day the water would be an inch higher!

    My set the bucket down moment happened at 10 pm on the evening of King O’s reelection. I realized that reason and truth had no more place in American politics and this country had been handed over to our reprobate hearts, we had received the King we deserved!

    I continue to prep with a new resolve. I have come to terms with the fact that this country is headed for some dark and difficult times and no matter how hard I bail we are still going to sink.I have stopped being frustrated at the feeling of kicking a dead horse and put my energy to the one thing I can change my attitude.

    I take solace in the fact that the majority of unprepared sheeple will of had voted for his highness!

  5. tax2death, every solder who survives his battles reaches the day when he/she realizes they have given their all, there is nothing left. They admit the hard truth, physically and/or mentally they are no longer able to meet the challenge or they simply decide they have given enough, time to leave the battle to others.

    Giving up isn’t giving in, it’s accepting your own realities. I don’t regret the fight, I regret my failures. I can’t live on the front lines anymore, I can’t let the indifferent, the shoulder shruggers and the leaches effect my life anymore. I diligently work to limit on my life the effects of what the political class does to as near zero as possible. I withdraw my consent… I sleep better now. The front is no place for a 54 year old with bad knees and a bad temper anyway…. I could get myself in trouble. So if you need me I’ll be in back in the kitchen making sandwiches, filling canteens and loading a mag here and there…. I can still open a peanut-butter jar….


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