Condition Factor Level “3”


Current CFM Level is “3″ with a total Factor Level of: 


 The higher the number – the worse. Scale goes to 100. Although I am not going to get into the specific equation which is used to arrive at the current score of “76″ – the current score reaches that level due to several influencing factors including:

  • The continued irresponsible spending of the Federal government as well as many states. The Federal deficit for 2013 is estimated to be in excess of $650 billion dollars – raising the National Debt to a record $17.5 trillion dollars. We are quickly approaching a point of no return (we may be there already).
  • Crude oil has reached well over $100 per barrel. Petroleum is used to manufacture most every single item that you buy and use – prices will be going up if oil remains high.
  • Related to above – gas prices have been on the rise. 99% of all products are shipped using methods fueled by gasoline and diesel. Shipping costs increase – those products being shipped will increase in price as well.
  • The very recent division in the United States related to race relations and the subsequent rioting and violence.
  • The constant “ready to explode” powder keg in the Middle East with governmental changes and the threat of a nuclear Iran is very unsettling and can effect the entire world in many ways.
  • China appears to be positioning themselves to take the place of the United States as the worlds number one super-power. Our current administration has allowed sequestration effecting the military in a negative manner.
  • The complete disregard for citizen’s rights and the United States Constitution via governmental data tracking of emails, phone calls, etc. is leading to the loss of rights our Founding Fathers and many since fought to provide and protect.
  • Society’s moral’s continue to decay as “Who is on Dancing With the Stars” is more important than “Who is responsible for Benghazi?” This country is falling apart right under the noses of its citizens and most just do not care and do not have a clue.
  • There is so much more.


After the initial announcement that the current ModernSurvivalOnline Condition Factor Level was at Level 3 – many responded stating that they felt that we were already at Level 4 or 5. I wanted to comment on this.

While it is true that current events may reflect certain aspects of Level 4  – or even Level 5 – I believe we are not there yet. I really want you to think and consider just how bad things can get – and then look at where we are now. Compared to Level 5 we are living close to paradise. Now – for some individuals they are having their own personal Level 5 situations

Level 5 represents standing on the edge of a cliff and a pack of wolves are closing in behind….no way out. Your going over the edge one way or another into a world of where you have to rely on yourself and those close to you – and others will want what you have. I envision something along the lines of the TV show Jericho – but darker. The complete description is up for debate, but consider no hospitals open, no grocery stores, very little law enforcement and and public order. No modern conveniences such as cell phones, drive thru’s,……and electricity.  This is truly the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI).

So, when looking at the spectrum of levels from 1 all the way over to Level 5 I think we need to be honest in that things are just not at Level 5….yet. We ARE approaching that cliff. We are on a road heading straight for it and there doesn’t seem to be any exits along the way. The edge can be seen off in the distance approaching and we need to get ready.

Are we at Level 4? Maybe….I hope not. I need more time to prepare.




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  1. Rourke, you are right but, I think people in some parts of the country are probably at a higher level than other parts, I also see no light at the end of the tunnel unless this country gets back on track, which unfourtunately I do not see happening any time soon. Keep up the good work.

  2. just found this and signed up. a lot of very good info. thank you.
    we are trying to get off this rock when our house sells [ hopefully soon ] and moving to north Idaho
    where our oldest son lives, I believe it to be our best move.
    take care and stay safe. God Bless America.


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