Communism is at our door step

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In 1984, President Ronald Reagan said, “communism is at our doorstep.” It has taken 32 years since this president recognized the erosion of freedom taking place, but indeed today, communism is in our schools, work place and yes even our homes.

The big government that Americans have permitted to evolve not merely encroaches on our daily lives, but it is gobbling us up inch-by-inch, generation by generation and patriots are far and few. If we review history, we will see how big government is accomplishing the goals to achieve a takeover. Take a peek at the Communist manifesto and see how eerily close America is to dissolving the home of the free.

Control, disarm, and revise.

First, consider the number of people who must work two, sometimes three, jobs simply to stay afloat. That is the key element. The government’s objective is to keep everyone so occupied with other things that they will not realize what is happening until it is too late. We are in the midst of a huge government takeover. Our liberties are routinely under siege and thus we have a government that no longer functions for We the People but instead as conservative pundit Michael Barone poignantly once stated one that is a “gangster government.”

In many instances, the parents are not raising their children because they are too busy with working and paying taxes. Instead, we now have government mandates in many states that children be enrolled in the public schools by age 3. They call it Pre K.

Pre K is nothing more than a beginning of the early indoctrination process. The sooner the government can get their hands on our kids, the sooner they can brainwash them to follow the communists’ credos. Unfortunately, those parents who need to work so long and hard see this as public day care and simply a necessity of life that they get for “free.” They don’t realize that they are paying for it with increases in local taxes.

Even those parents who are fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with their babies are forced by the hand of the government to place the kid in school. It’s not that the parents don’t care about their children, but they have put too much faith in the government as the nanny. We are no longer a country of “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”; instead we have become a nation of “give me.”

We all know why our Forefathers documented our Second Amendment. The intent was always to fend off a tyrannical government; the same type of autocratic government from which they fled. Yet, the very government they were trying to protect us continues to pound away on our right to bear arms every day. Every day they concoct a nonsensical myth of why law abiding, taxpayers should not be permitted to have guns.

dad with nazi flag
The author’s father, tearing a Nazi flag in WW2.

These gangsters without shame have hoodwinked America. Thus, we have new laws daily restricting firearm ownership. We hear of contrived firearm violence incidents that are so scary, the younger generations will fall right in line and one day they will not even be able to inherit a gun. These stories of horror due to firearms will continue to disseminate among the mainstream media as they have us all believing our children are stacking up like cords of fire wood all because of the “evil” gun.

The plan is for the indoctrination to bring a new and improved tomorrow. But wait there’s more… yes; there is legislation on the horizon that will forbid any firearm passing onto the next generation via an inheritance. The registration of firearms will allow the Internal Revenue Service to come and confiscate any firearms owned by a deceased person. There will be stringent penalties for those who do not comply. In the end, our children and grandchildren will not be able to buy a gun and they will not be able to inherit a gun; thus the extinction of freedom. Far-fetched you say; then you are part of the problem. Our Second Amendment is undeniably the backbone of America’s freedom.

Of course, because of the number of Patriots in America who believe in freedom and want to protect their liberty and those who cherish the U.S. Constitution are still plentiful; a total disarmament may not come to fruition in their lifetime.

However, take heed as President Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Without it, we are doomed. We have the God-given right to defend and protect our family and property not only from thugs who wish to do harm, but to fend off an overbearing and powerful government.

Nevertheless, there has gradually been a takeover. It’s the frog in the pot analogy – when we try to cook a frog, if the heat is too high it will simply hop out of the hot pot; instead, a frog is cooked slowly. Little by little, as the frog is acclimated to the warmer waters we turn up the heat until finally the frog is so relaxed it cooks easily. Unfortunately, Americans have become complacent and too busy with everyday survival to realize or care as the gangsters’ cranks up the heat.

Therefore, here we are with an overbearing government that no longer works for the people but instead one in which too many depend for everything. This is all by design with the modern-day architect and puppet master George Soros and other world power elites of the Bilderberg Group.

These progressive revisionists love to pretend America has no history…

They love to invent falsehoods to add to their playbooks. Without our history, without the knowledge imparted by our Forefathers of the Republic they brought forth, without teachings in the public schools about subjects such as the war of northern aggression and World War II and the many patriots who died for liberty, there is no America as we know and love it.

Just look at the current war on the confederate battle flag engineered by current elected official and mainstream media spin. For example, the 2015 United States Supreme Court ruling against our First Amendment and the banning of Sons of Confederate Veteran license plates. The argument is the state makes the plates and the state cannot be forced to be a billboard for any organization.

Yet they still manufacture tags for the Muslim Brotherhood. Note the cities and small towns across America and the controversy to remove memorials of Southern generals deemed “offensive” and racist. In Maryland, there is a yearly proposal to re-write the lyrics to the state song “Maryland my Maryland” because the song sides with the south and some are offended by the lyrics that include the phrases “despots heel is on thy shore” and “northern scum.”

The lunacy behind these movements is all in one vein in a hope to divide conquer and control. We become closer to a new one-world order with each ticking minute because this is what the schools teach our children and grandchildren – to be not “one nation under God” but instead to revere the new one-world order and the government control.

We have changed to a country where the good guys have no rights and the bad guys vote pushing further the evolution of nation where the U.S. Constitution was once the law of the land into a communist abyss. It is the duty of all Patriots to continue to instill the values of Forefathers to the next generations. If we don’t teach them, no one will.

The legacy of those who fought and died in the American Revolution for our liberty will be just a faded memory. Liberty will become suppression. We the People need to focus on restoring this once great nation to lovers of freedom, liberty, and justice for all instead of continuing down the path of the obscurity of political correctness.
What we have going on here is a true ballot box revolution.

Never have you seen anything like this presidential election in your lifetime and if you are over 60, you will probably never see it again. This is the battle for survival. As we cling onto last breathes, we watched a nation become a country so divided under the thumb of dictator Obama, that we no longer stand indivisible under God or otherwise.

Many may be very disgusted with each candidate for this November’s election of our next POTUS and think they should simply sit it out. If patriots are absent on November 8, they win. The bad guys will conquer and will continue to gobble up generations, mold them with irrational fears of firearms, dreams of a nanny government and a longing to pay taxes so the government can continue to grow and provided for them.

It is time to send the incumbents home. It is time to have new ideas and fresh blood to help return our government to the side of We the People.  It is time to fight for the God Given rights our Forefathers so honorably gave their lives so we would be free. Try to imagine a grandchild living in a nation without justice, without liberty and growing up believing that is, the way it meant to be because that is all they know.

Imagine, one day they find a book with articles like this one and wonder what would it be to live without big gangster government breathing down their necks, taking their every dime; and they will wonder why didn’t my ancestors fight hard enough to save America the free.

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About Carmen Amedori 4 Articles
Carmen is a politician for the Republican party and award-winning journalist. She was elected to serve in the Maryland General Assembly. She also ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010.


  1. i am seeing an uprising if H is elected only problem it may not be a polite fight as we had with England, hell we even allowed people to leave by boat or land after we won. This time if a uprising occurs it more likely will be of the French type where a bunch of people on both sides will be put down. I pray not but i as yet see no way out.

    • Hi Ike – Thanks for your comment. I believe no matter who wins, 50% will be unhappy and we still remain divided. Best to prepare for the worse and hope for the best ~ CA

  2. Of all the posts by Dan, this is the one that in my opinion, really hits hard. It’s pretty late to wake up and see what’s going on. Carmen pretty much tells it all with…” 50% will be unhappy and we still remain divided.”. Obama has been very successful in dividing this country. He has put us back to the 1950’s for race relations and has all but destroyed our historic alliances with other countries. His legacy will be one of hate and division. Hillary will finish the job. It’s all a push which has been gaining steam by George Soros and company to bring the US down. If the patriots in this country don’t wake up and unite, it will be the end of this great experiment.

    • Oren

      You speak the truth. It’s been coming for a while. In hindsight we can see how it has all evolved and probably pinpoint more than 3 examples over the years where it was all part of their plan.


  3. scary sad AND OH SO TRUE im afraid we gone past the point of no return
    no matter who wins im afraid we staring straight into the face of civil war

  4. I agree with most of this. The only question I have is does anyone have an idea as to what should be done to start this country back on the path to freedom? Many are unhappy or dissatisfied with how things are going, but no one seems to have any suggestions… Voting doesn’t work, choosing one puppet over another still leaves us with a marionette dancing as the strings are pulled. Any president trying to enact real change will find himself surrounded by a congress preventing anything from actually getting done.

  5. OK. Everyone complains about the government and taxes, etc. I have found that you can not find two people out of three that have the balls to stand together to fix the problem. How do WE the people fix this???

  6. Russian Premier Nikita Khruschev once said he didn’t need to start a war with the US because it would defeat itself by it’s corruption and immorality; we’re seeing this happening right before our eyes; Democrats are destroying our culture by removing God , decency, and the Constitution; they’ve been fighting this country’s principles of freedom ever since the Revolution; back then they were called “Tories”, now they’re just traitors; Patriots need to stay mobilized like they were for the Presidential election or this country is history.

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