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I love it when people leave comments and to be honest have been a little disappointed with the numbers. Maybe the content is lacking  to which a comment would be warranted. I will work on that.

Either way – in the past I approved most all comments. This is changing. I have several guest writers, and when someone leaves a comment that is disrespectful in any way – I will delete it. Now – don’t get me wrong – you can certainly disagree and voice an opposition.

Just understand that we can agree to disagree – but lets be respectful of each other.

Thanks – Rourke

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  1. Rourke, keep up the great work with the site. I know you are pulled in a lot of directions, but you are a great source of information for me.

  2. If one cannot defend one’s position or properly debate an issue without being rude, crude, or insulting chances are high that one’s opinion isn’t worth perusing anyway.
    Rourke has fairly thick skin or the patience of Job. There are some sites which have a 3 delete rule. After 3 the poster gets banned.

  3. I think in an increasingly over-surveiled society people are starting to become afraid of leaving comments for fear of being tracked and investigated or even taken to task by lawyers trolling for even the slightest hint of a payday. It has become a predatory society that we live in and I think that we will find more and more OLDER people attempting to go “off grid”, while the younger people are too caught up in their own personal lives to worry about the big picture.

  4. Thank you. Some of the things that turn me off are commenters arguing with each other and going off-topic, trolls who don’t really care about the truth but just want to stir the pot…and if these efforts do not go anywhere because they are deleted, those commenters will go away.

    • HappyClinger –

      That is what I plan to curtail. Disagreement is OK until it gets disrespectful, mean spirited, and abusive.

      Thanks – Rourke

  5. I have to say that while I dont have time to read everything here, I do read a LOT of it especially things I deem to pertain to myself or my situation. I dont comment much myself, but mostly because what I read is so well written, I either have nothing to add, or agree completely. Often I’ll just write a compliment. Keep writing folks…..we’re reading. As for the article above this one, f*&k Im SCARED TO COMMENT!

  6. I just read your article from the DHS Insider and found myself agreeing with most of he says. 10 years ago I would have blown all of this off as conspiracy nonsense. Today I find myself not trusting our government and agreeing with the ‘nonsense’. I pray that there are enough of us aware of what is happening that we can create a good resistance. I find myself unemployed & my husband thinks being on sites like yours is part of the reason why. If so, I won’t be getting a job anytime soon. My concern is how will like minded people will connect when the internet is under control of the ‘gov.’? Time will tell I suppose. May all of us stay true to our principles and leave something worthwhile to our children.

  7. Shame on me for not leaving more feedback, I totally look forward to your emails! In actuality, I save up a number of them and sit back and enjoy.
    I would just like to say Thank You to you and to the guest posters, they do a great job too!!

  8. I think a good editor should delete content that involves foul language or is violent or hateful in nature. Mostly, because I don’t think regular readers wish to read junk like that.

  9. I enjoy reading your pages, and yes this is my first comment, but I feel that most of us are scrambling to just “survive” and as a result sometimes we may not interract as much as we would otherwise. Respect is always a good thing. Keep up the good work and kudos to the guest writers!

  10. Rourke here is a web site for free kindle books.A lot of Paloe diet and living items hve been listed in the last few weeks it updates every mornin.

  11. Someone once said: Don’t raise your voice, Improve your argument. Folks will always disagree or totally support. That’s what makes our world special. Criticize, but offer a solution too.

  12. I believe fear or, at least, the suspicion our Government may be monitoring sites like these is a good and real reason some individuals may be afraid to comment. Personally, I do believe these sites are, in fact, being monitored. It is, for example, almost a certainty that most individuals who read and/or comment on these sites possess weapons, ammo, hold strong beliefs in the 2nd Amendment, etc. This is definitely information the current Government wishes to know. This is not the same as being paranoid. It is being realistic and is the reason I have previously not commented.
    Thank you,

  13. Rourke-maybe it was the Christmas-Chanukah-New year celebrations that folks were busy with and now comments will increase again.
    I called and wrote to my rep : stating we want our rights to own guns
    protected. I also joined the NRA.My husband has been a member for many years but I thought this will help the cause and my year is only $25. since hes a member.
    For anyone trying to locate ammunition try and Arlene

  14. Your awesome keep it up! I just hate typing on phone plus i am in total agreement. God i loved the secret squirrel article. Keep us posted as long as u can! Yeah i totally think people are scared to leave comments cuz of big brother. Cant wait to see u all in the camps.

  15. I read and absorb as much as possible from your site, and a few others. I don’t always comment, but I always appreciate the effort you and your guest writers put forth. I am always learning. Thank you.

  16. Thanks to the person who recommended GOA (gun owners of America),SAF
    (second amendment foundation)JFPO (Jewish foundation that supports
    gun ownership) I just looked them all up-exc. I had only known about
    the NRA(National Rifle Assn.) and the John Birch Society.Arlene

  17. Rourke, Kudos to a fellow South Carolinian! I appreciate what you are doing and enjoy your writinhs, I have been passing your site on to others also. Keep up the good work, and keep your powder dry.

  18. thank you for all your invaluable info. one thing i would like to see is some info on other country. i live in australia and the info i can find is no where near as good as your website. thanks again keep it up.

  19. Hi Rourke,
    Thanks again for all the priceless information you post. When a person try’s to seperate fact from fiction about the government, it’s almost like a dog chasing his tale, just when he is able to grab it, it gets away from him!
    Live life for the best, but prep for the worst…then prep some more.

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