Commentary – The Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistol

I have had my Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistol for close to 5 years. It has proven itself reliable, accurate – a joy to shoot. I have fired a few thousand rounds and when I pick it up – it feels like an extension of myself.


A defensive pistol selection is often approached like buying a new car – with excitement, much research, and wondering how “cool” it will make you look. Name brand is often a deciding factor. Well, several years ago when I walked into a local gun shop to buy a pistol – I was certain that a Glock 17 was going to be it. The guy behind the counter showed me the Glock and asked if I wanted to see any other options. I looked at a Sigma, Springfield XD9, and the M&P. As soon as the M&P was gripped in my right hand – I knew it was the one. It just felt right.

Nothing against the Glock. I actually owned a First Generation years ago and I would buy a Gen 3 or Gen 4 if the deal was right. I also own an XD9 that I picked up just after Christmas. It, like the Glock, is a great gun. I truly believe that most any modern defensive pistol such as those already mentioned as well as several others will serve most all of us just fine.

Want a FN9? Get one. Like the 1911? Get two. Think the Taurus PT-92 will feel “just right” on your hip? Snatch it up.


But……the M&P 9 is mine. There is a reason why there are so many cars, trucks, and SUV’s – let alone motorcycles: Everyone has individual needs, wants, and tastes and no one pistol choice will make everyone happy.

So – what defensive pistol floats your boat?



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  1. I to have a Sig p226, as well as a KP95, love them both, the sig fits like a glove in my hand, have two clips, never has failed me yet, the KP95 is my bed side weapon as I use the sig for concealed carry, great guns, but like cars every body has their own tastes, I prefer Austin Healeys! Don

  2. When the wife was looking for her full size carry in 9mm, she held a Sig P226 and wouldn’t let go. We compared everything and ended up getting a Blackwater TacOps P226. I loved it. I was so jealous. A year later I had to get my own. A year after that my brother got one. And last year both my parents got one. We all love them. One important thing the wife thought of was the availability of accessories, like holsters and spare parts. With the P226 the pistol for the Navy SEALS, holsters and such are easy to come by. We also have 22lr conversions. These are great for training.

  3. Hey, Mudflap, don’t ya love shopping with a woman who loves to accessorize? 🙂 My husband always comes home with more if I go with him.

    Being a woman and having been in situations under pressure, I realize it’s best to stick with my trusty revolver. It’s an extension of me, uncomplicated, old fashioned and reliable.

  4. Kimber Custom TLE II in .45 ACP with Mil-Tac Diamond Pattern G-10 grips loaded with 8 Aguila 117g fragmenting hollow points (1 in chamber) and 1 Lasermatch 230g Tracer in Wilson 500C magazines – quality, reliability, and proven knock down power. I carry 2 spare mags. I gave up counting rounds years ago. When I see the tracer exit the barrel I know it’s time to reload.

    Drawbacks – hard to hide under a tee shirt and really loud in confined spaces.

  5. Still hard to beat my P-85 ruger. Over 10k thru it, never had a feed problem, Glazers for the house, works every time and it’s small enough for my wife to shoot well.

  6. Ive owned a SW MP45 variant, and I have to say it was one of the best pistols Ive handled. I dont know Rourke if yours does it, but it had a fast mag change feature (seat the mag firmly, the slide would release, chambering the fresh mags ammo). I loved mine, through in a APEK trigger kit, and it is a smooth, reliable (10,000 rounds 45 only two or three FTF, mostly due to a OAL issue I was having with handloads) and accurate weapon. Enjoy it!

  7. Gott’a go with the XD 45, hard to beat 13 plus 1 in the pipe and 2 carry mags is almost a full box of ammo. Of course I’m a pretty big guy so the size and weight don’t really bother me. The DW runs with a GP100 with a speed loader and 2 speed strips.

  8. I don’t currently own a pistol, thou I’ve been looking. A concealed carry permit is fairly easy to get here and it’s past time for me to get another pistol. Years back I bought a stainless colt combat commander with the black pebble grips, still the most beautiful pistol I’ve ever seen, but I couldn’t hit air with it. I sold it and got a Taurus pt-92 and loved it, and when shooting…. it made me look good. Perhaps getting another would be wise.

  9. Rourke, EDC is a G19 in an IWB. Wifey wanted a semi-auto to go with her .357. Liked the Glock, liked the XDm, liked the Taurus 24/7. Picked up a SW M&P and fell in love. Santa smiled last Christmas. (she is a very good girl) Any gun will do. You only need to find the one that talks to you.


  10. For me, a Glock 19. Being a left handed presented a few problems finding a good holster so the Glock fit the bill, right into my Black Hawk Serpa. The AR 223/556,12 gauge, and 22LR round out my armory. Simple but effective.

  11. I have a special love for my old Detonics .45 that was my EDC for decades but,…. in the real SHTF world I will be going with my Long slide .40 Glock with saddle mount and holographic site with +2 mags that I built for competition. The mounts and site presented a problem with carry options in that the basket weave cut-away holster is not very practical for true combat. After a year search I found a cross shaped velcro wrap around slide that cost about $6 and works just fine stuck to my plate carrier. I was once a hardcore 1911 guy, but I have shot Glocks for decades and firmly belive in this gun to get the job done. Regards, D.

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