Comfort foods after TSHTF

When I imagine life during a serious disaster situation – I fully expect stress to be a component that has to be dealt with. I expect this stress to effect both myself, my wife, and my children.

This stress can come from a variety of internal and external factors. That is really for another post. What I want to deal with here is one simple thing that may help in reducing stress and increasing comfort. That thing is a “comfort food”.

What is a comfort food? A comfort food is something that might be looked at as a special treat. In a time of no power, no TV, no air conditioning – one of these “special treats” could go a long way to reducing some tension as well as some serious stress.

Alright – here are a few comfort foods that can be fit into a food storage program:

Above: Flavors for water, popcorn, gum, chocolate, Tic Tacs, other candy

Is this stuff good for you? No. High in sugar? Yup. Will it bring a big smile on your kid – or maybe even your spouse – in real troubled times? Maybe.

Most of the items have a shelf life of 1 year or more and are pretty cheap. I keep a small tote packed with a variety of items like these – and rotate the stock every so often. Of course – comfort foods may be just about anything – cookies, cans of fruit, Jack Daniels……whatever you like.

When reviewing your food storage – something to consider are comfort foods.





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  1. I forgot about the hard candy thats a great idea. Nothing like something sweet to change your attitude. Great post. Always something new to think about.

    • Paul –

      Good question. If you open the microwave popcorn packet it has a mix of oil and salt in the bottom of it. Just dump it all in a “pan”, apply heat source (fire) – shake it to keep the kernels from sitting on the hot surface – and the popping will begin.

      Same principle as the Jiffy Pop containers.


  2. popcorn is high on my list of goodies to munch on after TSHTF. Probably anything with salt on it will be good.
    also dried fruits.
    I like the Jack too Rourke! LOL

  3. I recently watched a video on cast iron cooking that demonstrated how to bake a cake in a cast iron skillet over the campfire. As soon as it warms up here in Washington State, I plan to give it a try. Brownies too, since the packaged mixes are so forgiving.

    Like games, crossword puzzles, and other diversions, I totally agree that comfort food is in order during high stress situations.

    — Gaye

    • SurvivalWoman –

      I recently bought a Dutch Oven and have thought about looking into cooking brownies or a cake in it.

      Thanks – Rourke

  4. Comfort foods can also be good barter items. Look at what Woody Harrelson went through just to find a Twinkie in Zombieland.

  5. PayDay candy bars are another good comfort food for storage. Since they don’t have chocolate, they can tolerate warm temperatures, and the peanuts provide a bit of protein.

    • AuricTech –

      Good point in the Payday bars. There are so many comfort food options – really depends on personal preference. They will really break up the monotony of regular storage foods.



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