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I am pleased to announce that Classic Firearms out of Monroe, NC is now an official sponsor of I became familiar with Classic Firearms after ordering a Bear Creek Arsenal upper to complete an AR build. Their customer service was excellent and the upper arrived with no issues.

download (6)Just recently I placed another order getting a Canik TP9 SA 9mm pistol. I talked on the phone with Janet who coordinated the firearms transfer to my local gun shop(FFL). She was super nice and once in the system I received email updates as the order made its way through the Classic Firearms shipping system. I knew when it was packaged. I knew when it was ready for pick up. I knew when it left their facility – and I was able to follow my order all the way to the front door of my local gun shop.

My experience was flawless.

Based on my two very positive experiences I contacted them about developing a relationship with MSO. As stated – I am very happy to have them on board.

I strongly suggest periodacally heading over to and seeing what they have in stock. They carry a huge inventory of firearms and related items ranging from surplus Beretta M9’s to brand new Colt AR’s, as well as ammunition and all kinds of accessories. Prices are great and you already know what to expect regarding service.

By the way – the Canik TP9 SA review will be coming up in a few weeks.


If you end up doing business with please let them know you heard about them here.

Take care all –


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  1. Excellent website/company. They have reasonable prices and good customer service. In my dealings with them there has only been one “mess-up” with an order. Things happen from time to time from all companies. The difference was Classic’s customer service to communicate in reasonable time, reasonable good responses, and corrected the problem. Now if you go into anything with an attitude you might deserve what you get, but with Classic. They have very good reviews of their products. In fact one time, several customers let Classic know there were some slight issues with one of their rifles. Classic’s response? They stopped carrying the rifle until the company fixed their problem with the rifle. Now THAT, is thinking about your customers, listening to your customers, and paying attention to what you sale. I have nothing, but good things to say of them.

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